Clean off the Cameras

January 01, 2017  •  4 Comments

I was trying to capture some of the birds this morning and then got to looking and I noticed once again I had photos hanging out on the cameras that I didn't download.  Since the weather is "frightful" outside as it is blizzarding and blowing and well, just a great day to sit inside with the dogs in my flannel jammies and ring in the new year!  haha  You can tell by the small birds (who are emptying my feeders) that it is just cold and miserable.   I actually bought TWO bags of chips for them as they are going through it so fast.   I also have had the pair of downy woodpeckers here visiting the suet and tried to capture the flicker here this morning but as always he's too fast.  No hairy woodpeckers here which is unusual.

I do love the look of the finches with their red heads especially when the colors are so gray outside.

Backing it up though I also found some photos from way back in November, before our first snows of my raspberry bushes that this year just would NOT give up their leaves.   I thought I'd share that splash of color with you too (it isn't all about white and gray here).   I really loved the lighting on the first one with the frosty-ness.

As I said it has been a while since I looked at the cameras and I found these photos of our first snowy walk down at the river.   The little dogs were LESS than impressed with the wet and cold and snow and poor Tinker ended up being carried in the end (and then took off for the truck without us - bad girl).   They "tolerated" the required group shot (and honestly it is much better than I thought it would be at the time) and I got some poodle posing when they were up on a hill from me.

Not sure what I was thinking but Tinker did manage a "post photo" - as you can tell she was not that thrilled either.   I don't capture many shots of Louie (he will turn and run the other way) but did get one.

That was pretty much the last walk we had then it got cold and holiday busy!    Spring will come and honestly, I can already tell the days are getting longer!  Woop!    So from our cold snowy wind blown house to yours - Happy 2017!


I can feel how cold it was looking at the bare babies....they look quite unhappy but feel they must pose for mom.....
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These are beautiful! I love the photo of all the finches hanging out! The last one with the moon is gorgeous!
Happy New Year!
Lovely photos of your winter arriving and of your dogs. You are so clever the way you can get them to pose and in a group pose too.. Sterling is still my favourite
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