It Can Pause Now

January 11, 2017  •  3 Comments

I am officially ready for a pause in the shoveling of snow!   The past 2 days our weather has been horrid and I'd love to say I was able to just stay in but nope!   While I had plans to work from home, Monday morning Teddy had to go in to the vet for surgery.  As I'm driving home, and after 10" of new snow overnight, it started dumping RAIN!   The weatherman was right in that prediction (but his timing was way off).  During the day I sat at my computer and watched numerous snow storms roll through, most of which put visibility down to less than a mile.  Teddy got out of surgery fine and I could pick him up after 3 p.m. (so I didn't have to deal with 4-5 traffic in town) so in I went with plans to stop at the grocery store for a few items.  Driving in, big flakes and no visibility.  Took 45 minutes for an otherwise 20 minute drive, but by golly I am SO HAPPY to have my 4WD truck!   Tuesday dawned looking like the weather was going to be much calmer.  Well it was, until I came home from my doctor appointment in the afternoon and we had a blizzard conditions again with no visibility.   I can tell you I will be so happy to see warmer weather and sunshine this weekend - even if we do blow away in the process (chinook winds predicted).

Enough of the crappy weather report!   On to some show and tell.    I had seen a wall hanging design online done with snapshot photos that I thought might work well for me to get my Zentangle out where I could enjoy it.  No point doing them and stuffing them all in a box.   I think it is kind of fun actually.




I really love the little LED copper wire lights and was able to find some clips in the sewing/knitting section of the craft store to hang the cards with.   Amazing how much light they put off that is for sure.   Not sure but I may in the end, move the clock back on a wall I had it at Christmas time and re do that section of lights, we shall see.

I also finished a couple of my yarn projects.   My first infinity scarf (knitted on circular needles) was successful, well for the most part.  I only had one dropped stitch I had to fix.


Then I decided that with the leftover yard it would be fun to try some fingerless mitts.   I wasn't really wanting to knit them as the yarn is light and soft and I wanted them to have a little bulk.   So I got back out on Pinterest and found a pattern for crochet ones.  Yup, looks like knitting but it isn't.  Dig out those afghan hooks people, that is how you do this and I absolutely loved how it turned out.   I really do like crochet better as it isn't as hard to rip out and fix problems as knitting is.



There was some ripping out in the thumb area as the pattern really did just a crochet in the round with no shaping - or at least not enough for my taste.   Still not quite happy with it but it will work.    And yes, this is the pair, I did the color changes on purpose.

Although we had amazingly crappy weather later in the day on Tuesday, I did feel the need to get out for a walk with Epic.   There was no wind at lunch time and although it was cold it wasn't too bad.   So on with the dog booties and my snow boots and we went down the road and back.  Boy oh BOY does that boy love the snow and he ran and ran and ran (okay so it has been a while).   We even came home and did a short round of frisbee in the front yard.






A little fetching with my headband totally made his day!

By the end of the walk I had one snowy boy (thank goodness for that tight curly waterproof hair).

These were two of my favorite shots of the lunch hour.

We both enjoyed the time outside and the exercise and other than the dripping wet dog I had once in the house it was totally worth it!   The other poodle and dogs prefer to stay inside. 



Far Side(non-registered)
Hey your Zentangles look great! I also love the colors of your infinity scarf...very pretty! :)
Those shots are fabulous especially the ones of Epic. He has so much character. Love your zentangle pics. I dabble a bit but they are not so good. Have you got any tips?
Carol Whitfield(non-registered) are one of the most creative people I know! I want to make a zentangle wall but with pictures of my animals. Where did you get the copper wire LED lights! And I LOVE LOVE the fingerless gloves! My mom tried to teach me to crochet but it never stuck. Maybe I should try again? And as always, I love seeing Epic as happy as can be! Great shots!!!
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