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January 06, 2017  •  6 Comments

Yup we are still in the deep freeze here in the valley.  I think we barely broke zero the past four days so the wood stove has been fired up and roaring all but yesterday when I had to go into the office.   I am officially into the back pile of wood and think come Spring I will be working on getting the cut logs stacked and figure out if I need to buy wood.   Honestly though this has been a bit more typical winter except that it started later.

Thankful for being able to work from home and have the wood stove to help with the power bill!  It also is very helpful with having older dogs that often seem to have "bad days" which are easier to manage and keep watch over when I am home.  Okay and the energy at the office is just too toxic for me and I'm still HATING the new office chairs and desk as it makes my back hurt.


Meanwhile vacation plans are solidifying.  I'm a trip taker on the off season, just don't like dealing with people on my VACATION.   I am so early that one of the campgrounds called me to finish my reservation saying I was the first for the next season.  I laughed (they are in Idaho) saying that is what we do when we are stuck inside in the cold and snow of winter!

I have two trips later in the spring planned, one of which will be to meet up with my family for a week of camping and sightseeing in S. Utah.  Kodachrome Basin seemed like a great spot to camp, has hookups (with the old dogs it is just easier to have power) and was able to reserve it.  While the nation loves to go "do" the National Parks I am not a fan of their campgrounds of no hookups and first come first serve.  My vacation time is precious and honestly I don't want to drive a long distance and find I have to place to camp.   Plus the dogs become more of an issue in those situations.   I've not had any experience with Utah State Parks but hope they measure up to the marvelous Oregon ones!   I will be splitting up my trip down and back and staying each way north of Salt Lake City at the Willard Bay State Park, hoping to catch part of the migratory birds that frequent the Migratory Bird Refuge there and maybe even Antelope Island (second choice).


My second vacation is a photo trip to the Tetons.   Not quite comfy camping on BLM that time of year I did reserve a spot at the not very well rated KOA and have decided if it is aweful and the weather is decent we will go boondock and I'll eat the reservation.  No big deal.  A friend is going to travel with and we will do 2 days down, 4 days there and then high tail it back probably all in one day.    I've not been there since I was 10 and remember nothing of the area.  I know the scenery will not disappoint!   I had no idea how difficult it would be to find a place to camp in that area - it is just as difficult if not more so than Glacier, based on the limited season, although the Tetons has a great deal more Forest Service and BLM land around it to escape to.   I can tell you most of the pay camping wants premium (like $100 night) prices and is really limiting when it comes to your traveling pets.   Well, okay then!  We are self contained, but not knowing what weather we might have I don't want to plan on boondocking and get stuck someplace because we are snow or rained in.   This way we have a chance to check out a couple places and see what works with at least the first night where we can charge the battery and fill up with water and empty tanks.   Will see how it goes.


Of course I still will have to make my annual day trip to Yellowstone this winter.   Looking forward to that for sure and taking my wildlife good luck charm friend with me!  

Meanwhile we will stick close to home and hope for some weekends of decent weather to maybe to drive around a bit looking for photos!  TGIF people!



Far Side(non-registered)
Sounds like you have a few great adventures planned good for you! Those are some interesting Ice they race them...I have always wanted to watch one on a lake:)
Linda W(non-registered)
Thanks for the shout-out re. the Oregon state parks! I think they're pretty awesome too. Looks like you have some good trips planned. I wanted to get to Kodachrome basin last year when we were in Utah, but my hubby wasn't feeling well, so we cut our trip short. Next time! Stay warm with those cold temps......and I love your photo of the snow-topped fence posts!
You are very adventurous with your trips. I hope they turn out well for you and your dogs.
Brian King Images(non-registered)
These are gorgeous! The snow is beautiful!
Wow! So much to look forward to. Your energy and motivation is inspiring. As for me, I'm just cold!
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