Hope You Enjoyed GNP

October 08, 2017  •  4 Comments

I am so very glad that we made it up there even as a Plan B!   Now on to life and misc other stuff for you in my attempt to get my buns back into blogging again.   It is hard to not just splat stuff randomly out on facebook and not write some proper blog but here goes because even my fb friends said they DO READ!  LOL   I'll throw in some pictures just to keep the toddlers in the bunch entertained - haha just kidding!

Work life still is sucking and very busy.   Confirming for me that once again (who thought it would be this soon) I need to get my self back on track to get out of IT and work into the area that I attempted to do changing jobs a few years ago.   More data analytics and support type work on the business side.  Since the company messed up THAT plan and it is apparent has no desire to help people get into the career paths they want - it is in my hands.  So wish me luck as I work back towards that personal goal!   Just don't want to do the same stuff I've done now for thrity (cough) plus years.  I want a new challenge for my cruise towards retirement.

Life otherwise has been somewhat nuts.    We lost a very dear member of our Alchmy (Epic's breeder) family this past week to cancer.   She was such a life force and I loved her from the moment I met her in person last year.   These last weeks she was at home with hospice care and the total commitment of her best friend and Epic's breeder Vikki and her husband.  She died with both of them and her beloved poodles by her side.  That has actually sucked more out of me than I ever realized.   F*** YOU CANCER! 

Another friend lost her beloved berner to cancer a few weeks ago as well, she was 3 and it was 6 days from diagnosis until she lost her fight. F*** YOU CANCER!    Another friend a few weeks ago lost her amazing cat to cancer as well - something he had fought for years but tough bugger that he was kept on going.   F*** YOU CANCER!  

After that though honestly, I am proud to say I also have many friends that are cancer survivors and have told caner to F*** OFF and for that we are truly blessed!    So in Claudia, Baby G and Winston's honor I toast all of YOU!   The rest of you, count your blessings - every single day!   I actually went to the agility trial here yesterday for a very quick visit and to drop off some things and I got THE BEST HUGS from many of my long time agility friends and for that I am so grateful!  Today Sterling and I went to do therapy at Son Heaven and those ladies always make me smile so I am grateful for that as well!

Helena, MTHelena, MT

On the dog front here at home everyone at this time is healthy thank doG.    Epic and I are trying to get as much of his outside open obedience practice in as we can.  We've had snow and rain to remind me that winter will be here and the jumping practice will move elsewhere when that happens.   He progressing on his broad jump, we are still working out the recall and the dumbell is also progressing.     Still have hopes of trialing in the spring but we shall see!    Yesterday and today I spent 6 hours bathing and grooming poodles since Sterling had therapy and Epic was well, a hairy monster from the black lagoon.   I am happy to say they both look like poodles again and yes, I STILL hate shaving feet.   The littles are on the agenda (shhh don't tell them) for today and the rest of the week.   

Two of my dogs finished their tricks class and Teddy got 2 of his trick titles 3 weeks ago and Tinker actually got one as well!   She did great as it was her first ever "class" and she is still trying to figure out how to learn.   She shuts down very quickly but her persistence is growing.  Teddy just LOVES to do tricks so I figured "why not"!   


I also finished a fun little book this week as I needed something uplifting and funny that I could read and laugh at and not have to think hard about.  Ali in Wonderland was a hoot I can say.  Had it on my kindle for months and am glad I got it started (and finished).   Some zentagle was done but honestly I obviously didn't find it very soothing so those were tossed as it was apparent.  I did do the one below last month and sent it to Claudia when she got out of the hospital.   Have been doing some off and on crochet work as well.   Valances for the new trailer curtains. 


In my attempt to have control over SOMEthing in life over the past weeks, the fall clean out in the house is also happening.  Trash cans full are going out every week and it makes me happy!   Some rearranging is happening to accommodate family at Christmas and honestly I'm kinda liking the change.   Yes there is the outside work of fall too, digging iris, cleaning out the garden so when the leaves are off the tree I can cover it up.   Really hoping for somewhat mild weather yet this month so I can dig iris out back and re-mulch some of the slope, we will see.  If I don't I won't have any blooming in the spring.

So there you have it in one big explosion!  I love fall really I do and am so hoping whatever it is in the universe that is out of alignment this year will get it's act together and line back up!


Far Side(non-registered)
I like your zentangle it is very you!! :)
Linda W(non-registered)
I did enjoy all your GNP photos! I can see a fall visit is in order, it's gorgeous there!
How do you find time to go to work and fit in all your other activities.??
Such a breath of fresh air to hear of your focus and determination. Good luck on the job front. Keep us posted
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