October Business

October 21, 2017  •  3 Comments

It is the time of year that I am spending most of my free time working on getting things squared away for winter, not blogging as you can tell.    While we have had some glorious warm days, most have been accompanied by big winds, which well, just sucks.  Still there are things outside that must not be put off or the snow and cold will show up and I'll be caught unprepared.

Definitely seeing the birds changing and I had HUGE flocks of these birds in my yard and have seen the biggest flocks of them around the valley that I've ever seen.  They flock much like the swallows and starlings and it is incredible to see so many.

I also have an influx of Clark's Nutcrackers this year too.  It seems to change from year to year and all I can think is that it has to do with the amount of cones produced by the pine trees (their food).   I don't mind them at all as they do not raid the feeders like the Pinyon Jays.

Last weekend we did get one last trip in with the trailer to go do fun dogs stuff at YDS.   It was a very pretty drive and had a blast while there for a few days.   Elliott got in some fun tracking, Sterling and I did a nosework seminar, Epic ran some agility and I got to catch up with some old friends that I don't see often enough!    Sterling also played in the scentwork match on Sunday and rocked the container search and got fastest time.   His interior search was okay but was after containers and he still does not see any point in finding something twice!    Took all the pups with and we all enjoyed some time just huddled in the trailer hanging out as well.    I so love playing at that facility but sadly it is up for sale and while we ALL hope it ends up in the hands of someone that will continue the dog events, it likely will be a horse person that buys it (more of that market around) and we'll be out.  Sigh.....

As I mentioned chores are in progress and as of this weekend the trailer is buttoned down for the winter.  I winterized it the water system, emptied out the things I don't want in there freezing and a friend came over to help me get the tarp on it.  Big check off on that box!    Then there is always the general, getting wood under cover for the wood stove, getting things from the patio into the garage and too big things covered up.  I think I only have one more of those to do!  YAY!    I am also though working on purging out some things in the house as well, while I have the back of the truck empty.   Gotta do it while I am in the mood and am preparing for some new furniture in the next few months as I've decided to order a sectional couch for my living room.  The fabric choices are many and still in progress and my trial piece should be here in a couple weeks.

I did sign up for a variety night class with a trainer/friend here and we are really enjoying that!  Allows me to take whatever dog wants to go and do what is on that night.   I don't remember if I told you all Tinker got her Novice Trick Dog title last month and Teddy got his Novice and Intermediate.  Well last week Teddy then completed his Advanced title at the ripe old age of 12 1/2!  Was great for both of them and Sterling and Epic have both gone and played with some of the other options.

I also have plopped a dog bed (dirty as it is) in my office and it seems to constantly be occupied now which honestly is kinda nice.  Great office mates!

Meanwhile Epic and I are still sporadically getting in obedience practice and I have only managed one walk at the reservoir (sadly) with 3 of the boys.  It was a lovely shirt sleeve day and I took my lunch hour to get some time with them out of doors.   The fall colors are on the downside right now but still quite pretty.

You can tell how dry it is here and as much as we hoped we were out of fire season, in the past week with the dry and the winds we've had numerous fires start.   I think we will all be glad to see SNOW!  Meanwhile, I saw this hay bale sculpture on the way home and had to share.  More and more of those are popping up along highways in MT and I have to say I really enjoy it.   Fun to see the creativity!

Not really remembering anything else exciting that I have to share.  Just staying busy as always which for me is the best medicine.   So that's all I got for now!


Far Side(non-registered)
Just checking in with you! Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!
Far Side(non-registered)
I am so behind reading your blogs, I will catch up with you! Sounds like you are busy as ever and I like your office mates:)
My goodness it sounds like a lot of work preparing for winter. I'm glad we don't have to do that. We do have to prepare for summer storms and make sure there is nothing outside that can become a missile. Epic and Sterling are as lovely as ever.
The scenery breathtaking.
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