Good Bye November Hello December

November 30, 2017  •  4 Comments

Just a post of this and that actually.  I'm so proud of my friend Deonne who is doing these fabulous posts every day over at her blog - Deonne Kahler, if you have not checked it all out - do it is pretty awesome!

Meanwhile I am thanking doG it is almost Friday.  As of today (Thursday) I hit critical mass at work and really am in need of the weekend.  How did that happen after 4 days off?  Well probably because I jammed so much IN that 4 days.   Yes there was some shameless shopping for Christmas gifts and well, that darned cyber Monday stuff bit me in a good way.   I have always been drawn to things that show pattern and such but didn't realize (not having gone to art school) what it was about.  This was just for holiday fun.

I have felt like I really fell out of my desire to go do photography this past year and I'm not sure why, so in an attempt to get my inspiration back I found some online classes for a photographer that I really love and it may actually be working.  Okay they have some technical glitches but for the price I'll deal (and report them in their "how is your class going").     Sometimes I just need a little push to get of my butt and DO some things.  

Epic and I also made it to our fun night class this week which was marvelous since he needs some work desperately.   I am hoping for some kinda decent weather this weekend and I really want to get out for a walk with the spoos, we will see.   I am however making more of an effort to do some exercises with most of the dogs when we aren't able to get out.  Hmmmm maybe a combo walk and photos - 2fer!

Meanwhile the couch gets good use.  I just love this boy...

And I HAD to take this one with her static hair!  She looks like a rock star.

The bird feeders have been busy although we haven't been very cold and have no snow.   So again, to get back in my camera I did some shots of some of the visitors.  I have to say the nuthatches are my favorite but it does seem since the white-breasted ones are back that the pygmy have gone.  The little red-breasted ones are also a hoot and of course always love my woodpeckers! 

And yes, even the finches are fun to watch.  Also have an abundance of chickadees this year as well.


Lori M.(non-registered)
We’ve noticed chickadees this year too, have seen very few in the past. Love them. Great photos as always!
Deonne Kahler(non-registered)
Lovely photographs and sweet animals! I've been thinking about developing some kind of online course or email prompts to help folks keep going with their art. Maybe a shorter freebie and something paid that's longer and more involved. What do you think? Making art is generally in isolation, which makes it harder to sustain it. I'm so grateful for the community on my blog - you included <3 - but often feel that if I had more of a structured creative community (hence the idea to create some sort of self-study program), I'd push my work further. I'd love your feedback! Meanwhile, keep going! You're such a beautiful, creative soul and the world needs your work.
Far Side(non-registered)
It is too bad that most of the photo challenge blogs have quit. I really enjoyed that and it got me out to take photos! It seems I need to make time to take know like an appointment! Love the dogs on their new couch:)
Love your photos. The lessons have paid off.
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