What Happened to November

November 26, 2017  •  2 Comments

Okay, let's face it!  What happened to the last year?   

Never fear I am still alive and kicking and as with all of you no doubt, am busy as ever.   After just finishing up my Christmas card order which involved trying to get 6 dogs to sit still while I walked 1/2 room away and tried to get a "family photo"!   Haha.  Yeah, my hat is off to any and all pet photographers - this ain't easy!  I still am vastly proud of their "back to school" shot done outside on the patio in September, so kick me for getting cocky and thinking we could do a holiday one.   I got one that I could edit and make passable and I'll share it later in December.

Meanwhile, between work and trying to get many things done here at home, I'm feeling a bit crazed.  I have company coming for Christmas and frankly, that has pushed me into a bit of overdrive getting some things taken care of.   First was my Christmas present to me - a new couch for the living room.   Isn't she a beauty?   I'm loving it and really cannot say enough about Home Reserve (www.homereserve.com).  All made in the USA, Indiana to be precise and they have the most fabulous customer service as well as a really awesome product (or rather many products).  Mine is the pet fabric, washable, water repellent and tough (all tested after ordering about a dozen of their fabric samples so I could decide).  Also all can be replaced with different fabric if you want.  Yes assembly was required but honestly, not that hard and the directions were exceptional.   Honestly, best 3D puzzle I've ever done!

I also kicked into gear to work on some Christmas projects as well.  I haven't done cross stitch in years and honestly, I remember why.  Older eyes just aren't as good at it as they used to be and as much as I found it relaxing in my 20s and 30s, not so much now.   I had patterns and parts though to do some ornaments that weren't terribly difficult so decided to finish them out.  I also found some cool paper ornament patterns (Pinterest is the devil) that I've been trying out and encouraged me to dig out a couple of books I had stashed away for ideas.  The star earned a spot on the top of my tree this year!

I also saw (yup on Pinterest) these cute ideas for cards and wanted to try it out.  Adding some Zentagles was my embellishment.

They were really pretty fun!

Thanksgiving weekend gave me a blessed 4 days to commit to doing things at home, which I did (outside lights up, inside decorations up, tree up and decorated - a 2 day event).  I also gave my support to Helena Small Business on Saturday in addition to meeting friends for lunch downtown which was really nice!

Tomorrow is back to work.  The year end "oh but we just found out this needs to be done by 12/31" craziness is in full swing.   All hurry up and get it done cuz it is budgeted for 2017 and gee we can't carry any of that into next year.  GAH!

Pups are all doing well....very happy Mom bought THEM  a new couch for Christmas.   Retraining is in order for Epic as he has determined that it is a great launching pad for saving time (don't go around the end, just fly off the top corner) getting to the back of the house AND jumping over to get back into the living room (just cuz you can do it don't mean you should!).   Even with the nice weather I've been remiss in my training and need to kick that back into gear.  I just so hate the short days but cannot be using that as an excuse.   Epic will not be ready for obedience next year if I don't spend some time with him (and frankly, he does better all around if we work that poodle brain).

So on to the holidays.  Looking forward to family and friends and time off this next month!  Woohoo!


Far Side(non-registered)
That large paper star is just beautiful! I have done the boxes! I am NOT going over to look for those pins...not I say. I love your couch it is such a cheerful color! It was good to see your post up on my reader this morning! :)
Sue Bank(non-registered)
Love your new couch. Jumping over the back instead of going around must certainly be a poodle "thing", as Lewis feels that's the best way to get off ours (at the cottage). I think he is finally resigned to getting off and going around the couch instead of the logical route over the top! It took a long time to convince him though!
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