Before the Weather Turns

December 02, 2017  •  2 Comments

Well it isn't supposed to get THAT bad but I have been so horrid at taking the dogs out exploring that I made a real effort and took off today for a lovely 90 minute walk (for me - a run amuck for the poodles) today.  I've been fighting knee/hip issues since Spring and frankly I used that as an excuse not to get out - well I think I need to get out and get those muscles around those joints toned up.  I took the big camera with, again to try out some of the more of the things I heard in my class but also just to get me back into really looking around.   So some of this stuff may be your bag or not, but it is fun for me.    This time of year the scenery sucks (can you say brown on brown on brown) and there isn't much for wildlife so some macro and abstract-y type stuff is kind of what I'm working on (more of that in the next post but I'll give you a teaser at the end of this one).

I think we need to be getting out more.  See how they are walking like this is gonna collapse (Epic even looks like he's watching for the "under bridge boogie man"?   They ran back and forth on it a few years ago - so need to get them out too and confidence in footing reworked (for me too!).

Still I love these areas to walk.  Even with bells on Epic (so I can make sure he stays close) it is lovely to have space for them to go and run and I can still see where they are.  Watching the joy in Epic's explorations makes me realize I've been remiss in not taking him out more.  Sterling is good for about the first 30 minutes, then he's ready to go back to the car.  He did have one spurt of energy and bounding where we turned around but then he dragged behind me the whole way back.   This photo pretty much sums up the two of them!  haha

See, so much for "scenery".  

Not only that but we had to give up our normal walking spot for all the bird hunters and THEIR crazy dogs.  Still we made the best of it.

We got down to the marsh area and the boys just got to sniff, eat "stuff" and poke around.  I threw a stick for Epic that then exploded apart when it landed so he kinda thought THIS was the stick to be using (and yes he brought it to me and then tried to trip me up with it).

Sterling just watched and thought he was being the most dumb puppy ever!

He isn't entirely wrong!  LOL   We also came across the most huge cool downed tree/log so it was appropriate to take the obligatory walk photo!  Yes, Sterling was "thrilled"!  

These are some of the abstracts from that log.

Did you find the face?

One last poodle-y photo.  Epic showing his balance and core strength (thanks Auntie Adele for all the Fit Paws fun)!


Far Side(non-registered)
Those are some great photos! love the last one! :)
Ken and Linda Pierce(non-registered)
Beautiful photos---poodles and landscape, trunks of trees---even if it is the brown time of year!
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