Doing What We Do

December 12, 2017  •  1 Comment

One thing we do as you know is therapy work and Sterling went with bells on this past weekend.   He is wearing a head halter this time after getting a bit too nosey for my liking previously - he was pouting and played it for ALL it was worth!   Doesn't matter, the residents and staff all lovedh im up extra much anyway!


It has been cold cold cold here.   While they are roasting in the rest of the state all of the western valleys are suffering from the inversions.  Then ta-da all clears off at night and gets seriously frigid.  So the wood stove is fired up and I need to make an effort to keep it going now.   My work from home days help a ton and after paying the last electric bill I am "encouraged" to keep up with the wood hauling!  Just sayin.....

My week and this coming weekend are focused on getting ready for my holiday company.  I am so excited that they are coming to visit but boy, I realize what a slacker I've been with the house cleaning!  Yikes!   So today was Iago's turn, her apartment (cage) needed maid service pretty badly so she got to come out and get a good shower as well (while the pups protested in the back room - HEY they got their dinner!).  She is just on the tail end of a molt so her feathers are kinda raggedy right now and the good spray down helps a ton.  She even posed for a photo!

Still kind of fighting with the new camera but you know, it will work for the snapshots I want to use it for.  I keep reminding myself that nothing point and shoot (and in that price range) is going to measure up to my big bad boys.    Still working on some more nature abstract and will share those next post just for fun.  Sorry not very newsy in this post but just busy keeping on keeping on!   


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Sounds to me like you are super busy! I have a few days rest before the kids come for cookie night (an explosion of frosting whilst scarfing down pizza and watching a Christmas movie)- and then I get a brief respite to clean all that up and get ready for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinner. I don't mind at all- iit's my favorite time of year. Trying hard to get through it without being sad.
Your pups are looking adorable as always! Have a good week!
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