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December 05, 2017  •  1 Comment

More blogging less Facebook!

I have to admit, I did order and receive a new point and shoot camera (thanks Cyber Monday).  The Lumix and I never ever got along well and it has gotten worse and worse so wanted something lighter to carry along on walks and just for having around the house for quick shots.  Sometime hauling the heavy big bad dudes just ins't an option and often I'll just not take any (or use the phone which is really a pain when it comes to editing and saving).  Back to a Canon Powershot and so far so good.  Thought I'd run it through some paces and see what I got and here are some results (some edited again, to start opening some of my creativeness).

The redpolls have flocked here today so was able to capture a couple (okay the big cameras do this better).

Last night the super moon was out and the clouds were moving along at a pretty good clip but figured I'd give this a try as I wasn't going to set up the big camera and tripod and freeze my buns off.  Taken from my back door and blurred in Lightroom for effect.

The rest are just some more fun shots.  Wanted to see if the macro was as good as promised - I'm pleased although the depth of field suffers some.  Again, if I wasn't just practicing I'd work more with my big full frame camera and a wide angle lens.

I think this pinecone if I could get just the cone in a frame would be kinda cool - next time!

Then of course I couldn't forget my favorite subjects.


Far Side(non-registered)
I like my powershot and cart it with me in the wintertime, easy to put in my parka pocket! :)
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