Holiday Wrap Up

December 29, 2017  •  5 Comments

I have been enjoying family time this past week plus so no blogging and honestly not a lot of photo taking either.   Unfortunately right when family arrived so did the snow and bitter cold - white Christmas for brother - check!   We really didn't get out and about very much honestly as it was just too freaking cold and miserable.  Couple shopping supply trips and one - replace truck battery trip when my < 2 year old battery died.  Not funny!   Thank goodness the roads were clear enough to take the little car into town to take on that event and thank you to my brother once again for getting the new battery installed!

Basically there was a lot of this....

and then some moments (not very many) of sunbeams and this....

But truly wayyyyy more of this.....(read - me out hauling wood in and keeping the fire going)

Evenings were mostly this.....

...and Mom and I are on the 3rd of the 4 brand new puzzles I bought.  Disappointed by the first one - 750 piece Walmart version with 2 missing pieces and the second one - 500 piece Costco National Parks series with 4 missing pieces.   We are hoping this Hobby Lobby one (1000 pieces) isn't a bust.

Because outside today it is dumping snow but we saw THIS the 10 days prior....

In fact I broke out the headed bird bath and had to go stock up on more bird food.  We have flocks of finches and red polls as well as the 3 species of nuthatches and the woodpeckers that are trying to stay warm and fed.  This is the packed down snow from the small birds....

Makes my feet cold!   Brother did request Christmas sweets so there was baking and candy making as well.  He went home with suitcase full of goodies, coconut balls, marshmallow roll and the divinity that didn't make it to when he left (also MY favorite).  We also sent back probably 10 pounds of this....

Glass candy, which we have not made in YEARS!   We got the 3 of us in an assembly line and it actually was done (8 batches) in about 2 hours.  YUM!

Since we are getting a major snowstorm today I'm spending the day shoveling every few hours as it snows and blows and will be making one more trudge out to bring wood up to the house for the stove.   No travel for us for the next few days but Lord knows we are not going to starve and have plenty to keep us busy.   I did manage to get the outside lights and ornaments down before the storm and they all got warmed up and put away today.  The lighted poodle, Snoopy & Woodstock and flamingo are all safely tucked into the garage for now as I needed stuff OFF of the deck so I could keep it cleaned off.   We are expecting up to 18" new snow through Saturday then we shall see what happens.  Definitely will need to get the drift in front of the garage busted through before work on Tuesday.

If you don't hear from me before then - Happy New Year to all my readers and one last share of our Christmas photo.


love the dogs in the donut bed shot and your "man with poodle" study. The crew under the Christmas tree made me smile. I guess I'm just a sucker for dog pictures.... We always try to do a puzzle over the holidays too. Ours went quite quickly this year, it was part of a wedding gift to Jesse and Erin from a dear friend, it depicted the finger lakes winery area (where we live occasionally) and we even learned a few things from it!

Happy New Year, and stay warm. Not to rub it in, but we're heading to the desert in BorregoSprings where it is forecast to be in the low 80's for the next 10 days.....sorry.
Linda W(non-registered)
Love all the photos of your dogs! I was in Missoula for Christmas and spent the week after there too. Living in Oregon for almost 30 years made me realize I've become soft as far as winter weather goes! It was cold and snowy all week and I loved walking in the fluffy powder but could only stand about 15 minutes before I had to go back inside to warm up. Glad Saturday's big storm didn't materialize in Missoula (although we did get freezing rain) and after a nail-biting drive on icy I-90 my hubby and I made it home safely. Happy new year to you and your pooches!
Far Side(non-registered)
HappyNew Year! I love all the sleeping dogs! Your Christmas Card photo was fantastic! I wish you and your pups the best in this New Year! :)
That last shot is fabulous. In fact all shots are excellent. Glad you had a good time cooking with brother. We are hearing about your snow storms. Keep safe.
Love the portrait, wish my dogs didn't hide when a camera comes out, have a great new year
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