Saturday Errands

December 09, 2017  •  2 Comments

Today I had to make a run to Great Falls to pick up the dog food I had ordered.   I wasn't sure how the roads would be ads it was super frosty and 10 degrees at home when I left.   Had the poodles with me in the truck and away we went.  By the time we were 60 miles from home the temp was 51 degrees but that was because the chinook winds were howling!   I will admit I was torn, cold and calm (at home) or warm-er (the wind was cold) and windy.  I've decided I still am not a windy fan (pun intended) so cold and calm it is.

After meeting my friend for the dog food I had 2 Christmas stops to make, one at their mall (which by the way is still very active and pretty fabulous).  I got there about 5 minutes before the stores opened and had to smile as I wandered in and almost got clobbered by the "mall walkers"!  All in all I had my 2 errands done and we were headed home by 11 a.m.    Goes to show I really CAN focus if I want to.  

I decided that maybe it would be less windy on the Recreation Road and honestly it doesn't take that much more time to drive that than to take the interstate.  I had packed the new baby camera and of course wished I had my big ones but oh well.   I'm liking the little one especially for ease of hauling around BUT I already am finding the limitations.  Mostly what bugs me is the depth of field on the macros.   But for now it is fine and while I find my footing for some of the more artsy shots it will be just fine.

We won't talk about the bruise on my leg from the truck door blowing shut on it while I got this shot but I am pretty happy with it.  Again, remember we are in brown land right now so to see any green was a treat.   I'm not sure what I think of  having the fence in the background but I liked how it sloped so left it.

The boys and I stopped at one of the deserted campgrounds for a potty break and I think we lasted about 10 minutes before I was cold and wind blown.

I also took this as we exited the Recreation Road.  I don't remember that the wind was blowing enough to blur those trees so kinda bummed about that.

Meanwhile I did find some things to take some artsy fun kinda shots'll see what I mean about blur on the edges because of the DOF.  These below are all from our campground/river stop.

Then I stopped at a pullout by Prickly Pear creek and found some cool ice....Couldn't decide if I liked the first or the second one so you get both.

Meanwhile we are enjoying some sun in the house this afternoon and my crazy dogs cannot get enough of it!  That about shoots it for our week.  Tomorrow is therapy for Sterling and I gotta get cracking now on gift wrapping.  Time is getting short and I want my chore list cleaned up before my company arrives in 10 days!


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I love the tree and those are gorgeous rock formations! Very nice ice shots, too!
these two look positively regal here!
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