December 19, 2017  •  3 Comments

I promised the rest of the "non-poodle" pictures for this post from our walk.  Yup, pretty much lots of brown and with the wind, macros of any sorts were well, difficult.   I just love all the various stages of cattails though!

This was a series of 3 on "perspectives.  There was this bridge (of sorts) and I did 2 shots towards the tree (all alone out there) and one the other direction.  I think I like the first one the best even though when I straightened it out (hey it was cold down in that snow) I hacked off the very top of the tree.

These were just "whatever" shots on the way back to the car.   I told you - lots of brown and a tad of snow, that is pretty much the way things are around here this time of year so kinda hard to get very creative - but I'm trying!


They are lovely photos. The different perspectives, the textures , the leading lines and the simple colours all make them interesting.
Far Side(non-registered)
Merry Christmas! I sure enjoyed your Christmas Picture!! Thank you! :)
Brian King Images(non-registered)
Love the tree and the barn! Beautiful winter photos!
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