Weekend Done Already?

December 17, 2017  •  1 Comment

How can that be??   Well because I was super busy for the most part I guess.  On Friday I got Iago's new cage and with the help of a good friend got it put together.  Then had to break down the old one and get it out of the house (could hardly move around in the family room).

That meant Saturday started as a work day.  I had a truck full of cardboard to get to the recycle bins (between my couch and cage there was a lot!) - check.   A quick grocery store stop - check.   Some house cleaning before I figured out how to live stream the Eukanuba Nationals dog show - check.  The rest was in front of the computer since stupid Apple TV and Air Drop wouldn't work.  Grrrrrr!    Still I got to watch live even if it was sitting in my office in front of the computer screen - pretty darned awesome and so glad I have this lovely monitor.

Sunday I knew I needed to get up and get going as the remaining dog show live broadcasts started at 3 my time.  First up was my Sunday morning spa for Teddy (getting him combed out) and then a quick stop in town and Epic and I got to go for a walk on the way home.  With snow on the ground I knew Sterling wouldn't last out there (and it was super windy which he hates) so he got to stay home warm and toasty and taking care of the littles.

Epic and I had fun - him running amuck and me taking some snapshots.....how can I not love this face.   And this boy is always game for whatever monkey business his Mom thinks up.

We were both ready to get in the car though as we were walking face into the wind as we came back from exploring.   Because the car was parked not far off the highway I didn't want him running amuck in the little teeny parking lot so he had to wait in the gate.  Which he did very well I will say <grin>.    He definitely had a great time and needed to get out and just run and sniff and pee (he's a boy what can I say).  He even managed to lose his bells off his harness.  Guess I'll be looking for more of those before Christmas stuff goes away in the stores!

Got home in time to finish up chores (only the bathroom left to prep) and one bed left to make before it was time to finish watching Nationals and friends of mine that were in the Herding Group competition!   Now I need to leave the rest of the photos for the next post but will leave you with a hint - while I go see how Epic's Daddy did at Nationals in dock diving!


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Great shots of Epic...sometimes taking just one dog must make him feel special! :0
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