February Already? How can that be?

February 04, 2017  •  3 Comments

Where my January is ordinarily very quiet, it has been busy here and the month FLEW by!   I am not complaining and I always figure once we hit Valentines Day, Spring isn't far off - no matter what Phil says!    We definitely still have winter but that isn't stopping Epic and I from getting out and getting our walkies in.  Sterling joined us for a couple of the warmer days but as I noticed years ago, as much as he wants to join in initially (as in getting out the door) he just doesn't enjoy it much and ends up dragging behind me by the time we head home (and we aren't walking that far).  I don't like him behind me where I cannot see him so he stays and watches over the littles for the most part.    I can say though that I've really enjoyed being able to take a break and walk when I am working from home and there have been some marvelously sunny but cold days as well as some foggy, inverted, cloudy not so lovely days.   My goal isn't to lose weight but to get my stamina back after a year of injuries that sidelined me from most everything - walking, agility, hiking, you name it.  It is SLOW progress but I am determined to get back in some shape before vacations start.

You are stuck with not so great iphone photos for this round as I don't haul the big camera with on our walks.

I really think this is Epic's favorite season of all and note the piece of firewood I gave him to haul around.  He managed to keep track of it for 2 weeks of walks and just yesterday, dropped it (Mr. Distracted) and couldn't find it back.  Oh well!  That is why we take sticks and not toys.

Work has been crazy busy but I like that for the most part.   Definitely makes the days go faster.

The other dogs are doing well. Tinker is getting some clicker training for fun and to get her to realize she CAN think.   My 3 oldest have been well, a challenge.  Bandit has been seriously ill over the last month and I will admit it has been exhausting trying to figure out what he will or can eat.  He is really emaciated and I think as of yesterday he is fading away from us.   He isn't in pain and I am trying to basically keep things calm and somewhat quiet in the house.   He's still drinking as of this morning but the only thing he'll even think about eating are a few pieces of dried turkey treats.    Dot has been dealing with issues with her neck.  Because she is so blind and deaf, she tends to run into things or get run into.   That put her neck out of whack, which we seem to have stabilized with chiropractic and acupuncture.   So blessed to have so many talented health professionals and friends in my life.   Thank goodness right now everyone else is pretty stable health wise.   Needless to say, sunny days are a favorite but they are soaking up the wood stove heat the other days.

Needless to say that keeps me close to home for now and that is okay.     I've been working on my knitting, doing some reading and have this week picked back up some of my Zentangle drawing.   I had one design that I was really struggling with since day one so I really just avoided it.  Last night I decided by golly I was going to figure it out and I did.   Auraknot is now doable and I am going to spend some time working with it to help increase some of my creative works - I'm good at copying others or using their designs to help me but not that great at thinking outside my box.  I also struggle with shading - where it is most tangler's favorite thing - not so much for me - so last night I decided to start adding some color instead.  Here are a few of the results.

February is already going to start with a bang.  Next week has a vet appointment out of town for Tinker for a followup, brunch with the girls, an agility party, and who knows what else.   Oh yeah and work - but only 4 days as I have to start taking a day off now and then or lose my vacation time.  Plans are in the works for a trip to Yellowstone in the future as well so something fun to look forward to as well, just not this week (as we are supposed to get more snow too!).

Tata for now peeps - hope you are warm and cozy and doing well!


Linda W(non-registered)
Love all your doggie photos! The selfie of you and Epic is great. Sad to hear about Bandit....I just lost my beloved dog Bear last May and I know how hard it is to see them start to fail. Keep warm out there!
Warm and cozy ...........................we are in the third week of a heat wave. It doesn't drop below 30°C night or day. Epic is growing into a handsome man. Is there any room for you in front of the fire? Love the shot of you and Epic's tongue.
Far Side(non-registered)
Your tangles are really coming along! Practice!! I have a journal around here someplace where I was putting designs into step by step. Poor old Dot she needs a seeing eye dog or maybe an x pen:) Hard to deal with issues with an older dog. Now if Epic would bring back firewood every time you go for a walk you would have it made! :)
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