The Thaw Has Begun

February 13, 2017  •  1 Comment

We finally are starting to warm up!  YAY!   Last week Wednesday was the last single digit temp we have seen in almost a week (it was a whopping 3 degrees and -10 with the windchill).   So what did we do - went for a snowshoe walk of course!    I cannot believe that after a winter of actual snow it was the first time I'd been out.  Silly!   I convinced my friend Lori to bind up and come with the poodles and I after I had tried to hike the trail at the reservoir on Sunday with little success.    Then I got really crazy and since I had the day off on Friday I went back and it was aweful.  The snow was soft and slick and boy was my hip screaming by the time I was done.   Oh well, lesson learned....

Thought I'd share some of the proof with you that we actually did it (phone photos)...I am the one in the red coat (thanks Lori for the photo).

Make sure you turn up the volume and not only listen to me laughing but the conversation about what is going on.  Only about a minute and a half here.

These were from Friday.

I am so glad I did it and now also have found a snowshoe buddy.  Sterling wasn't that trilled with the trek so Friday he stayed home to babysit the little dogs.  He does that well.  Speaking of little dogs, Bandit is indeed still with us and after removing one of his meds seems more interested in eating.  I don't believe it he is long term but he might surprise us all.

As you can guess the dogs are really loving that the weather is warmer and most of all SUNNY!  We don't get a ton of sun in the house yet but they take every ray they can find.

With the warmer weather I decided this weekend I really wanted to start getting at least a few things marked off the travel trailer improvements list.  One biggy was to revamp the entrance ramp.   You might remember I had been using this one and the dogs could use it but the humans had to use about 1/3 of the step that was left.   For both me and my Mom that was getting a tad dangerous to do.

What I really wanted to do was get a ramp that humans AND dogs could use.  So around the holidays Harbour Freight had some smoking good deals and coupons and they had an all aluminum ramp used for loading 4 wheelers or motorcycles.   I knew that would support the humans (me).   It had been sitting in the box since then because it was too cold to deal with it.  I knew I needed to redo the wood support on the step to use it.   This was the end result of my weekend project and I'm pretty happy with it.  I will likely get something to put on the ramp for traction since I don't think the little dogs will be able to get up it without something.  I am thinking I will also do some other type of attachment of the wood support to the step, the clamps work but after a few poodle runs up and down I am worried they will come loose.   I can use the chain (came with it) to run behind the step and secure it for the time being though.  Haven't taken the time to figure that part out yet.   The lip on the ramp will be clamped to the support though.  The ramp will fold in half for transport and I also think I need to find a handle system to move it as it is a little ackward.

Still many things on the list for before I get back on the road but that is one item checked off.   Still need to get a new poly mat for ground cover, new shade cloths to use with the awning and xpens (found that what I have isn't quite big enough).  I also have I "think" found a GPS navigation option that I'm going to try out.   I'm a Google Maps fan but not for GPS because I like to go MY way and there isn't anyway to get that on to the phone.   I'll update on how that all goes once all the parts show up.   I've also ordered two more Ruggable rugs to put inside the trailer.  After getting 2 for my house and seeing how AMAZING they are I decided to get a couple for my trailer.  I highly recommend them - they don't move and the tops can be washed and dried (they dry super fast just hanging on the line).   They aren't cheap but big bulky rugs that cannot be washed aren't a good investment either.   

Epic and I start class this week to get him and I prepared for obedience competition the end of March.   I'm staying positive and mailed off the entries today.  Eeeks!    I always do better if I have some motivation to practice......

Last week I also attended a great viewing of PET FoolED ( and while a great deal of the information I already knew there was a lot I didn't know.   It wasn't "preachy" and is done as a documentary to educate.   For most of the room it did!   We also had a great conversation with 2 ladies who drove up from Bozeman and answered any questions anyone had about feeding their dogs and cats (mostly dog people there but a few cat owners too).  I learned a lot and got a couple more books to read.   Very educational evening and I am so glad I went.

Work is rolling along.  Lots to do for sure and I just want to keep motoring along.  Having vacation to look forward to really helps.


Far Side(non-registered)
Your ramps are interesting., and I bet they will work great! I ave projects too around the house and outside, I need to make a list! Vacation sounds good....for us even one day away would be nice. Keep sending the warm weather this way! :)
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