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May 04, 2017  •  3 Comments

Back from a great vacation and have many photos to share.  I'll get the posts out as quickly as I can but I came back to work with a new large scale project and am pulling 10 hour days and by the time I'm done, looking at the computer is the LAST thing I want to do.  Still I want to share my adventures with friends, family and the pups so here we go....

I took off the first day with trailer in tow but not after some drama in that as I was ready to hook up, I noticed a low tire on the truck.  Thank goodness we were leaving later in the day and only had 150 miles to go.   With 90 minutes before Robin would arrive to follow us to Dillon (thank goodness I was pretty much packed up) I had to run to the tire place and get it fixed and the rest checked.  Sure enough - there was a screw in it.  Crisis avoided but more drama to start a vacation than I'd like!

We took the back roads to Dillon and I now have a "go to" route to take if I go that way again (and I did on the way home).   Have done I15 more times than I can count and this was much prettier.   We arrived in Dillon, got setup at camp and ran into town to find La Fiesta Mexicana - a converted school bus that is owned by Mexican immigrant and serves THE BEST Mexican fair I've ever had.  On paper plates with plastic wares but amazing and a ton of food for the price.  So glad we went!

The stay at Countryside RV (where I've stayed many years ago) did not disappoint either.  Lovely spaces, green grass (already mowed), lots of birds out in the irrigation areas.   Reminds me I need to get my Campendium reviews done too!  I also got to use my new gate made by friend Maria for the xpen yard.  OMG it is so nice and so much easier than dealing with unhooking expens.   A+ for that!  I have decided thought I'd like one more expen to make the yard a bit larger -  or at least have the option especially when we are parked on pavement with the skinny trailer.

The next morning we got up and I couldn't get the stove to light, and the water heater was out.   Hmmmm, we had hot water the night before!  Monkeyed around with switching propane tanks and at least got my coffee going but they both were showing all but empty.  The first trip of the season is always spent working out the kinks.

We took off for Bannack with all the dogs loaded up and it was chilly!  The now State Park was awesome and even though the weather wasn't picture perfect we almost had the place to ourselves.  I got some photos of Robin (on her camera) that she wanted and after we were done wandering through the ghost town we went back with the poodles for some fun shots (channeling my friend Carol - not nearly as good as hers but still fun).


First stop the Bannack Cemetery which honestly if you aren't paying attention you'll miss it.   I'm always fascinated by the memorials left (and that no one has run off with those coins).   The wooden head markers that now are all but gone, leaving the dust left under them as a mystery and the amazing iron work that was done back in those days.   This cemetery was very large and most of the markers and fencing are gone but still very interesting to read the stories (or imagine them).   The pebble work on Mabel's grave below is something I have never seen before and I thought it was very cool.

Next stop the town of Bannack - our first State Capitol!  Hope you enjoy the photos....I am sure you will see some of the things that caught my eye, but I leave you to find your own.

And some photogenic poodles!  Well they kinda look like convicts in the first shot!  LOL  We'd found the wagon wheel area taking photos of Robin so I knewwwww that we would have some interesting things there.

Back to the trailer mid afternoon and loaded up the propane tanks and went into Dillon in search of propane.  The gal at the Cenex was awesome, filled em up (and no they were NOT empty) and explained that the last time they were filled it was likely the person who did it (the actual propane place here in Helena no less) didn't take the air off the tops so there was an air lock that we hit.   Nice, but hey, she did it right and all was well the rest of the trip.  Relief and off to Muffaletta's for early dinner.  Another foodie place in Dillon I had heard about.  It did not disappoint!  THE best EVER grilled cheese I've ever eaten and I've eaten a LOT!



As usual, your photos are fabulous. I know I'm prejudiced, but I love the poodle pictures, the first one looks like "American Gothic"!
Far Side(non-registered)
What an awesome place to take photos both the Cemetery and the old town! Sounds like you are off on a well deserved adventure! :)
Fantastic photos!
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