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Kodachrome Part 1

May 11, 2017  •  1 Comment

We love State Parks and I will say that the 2 Utah ones we've stayed at definitely told me that they are cared for as well as the Oregon ones I adore!   I met my family (we had 3 spots together) and had a lovely time with them.  They were game by day 2 to try a short hike so we hooked up Teddy and Epic and they were troopers, hiking up on top of one section of the park and we had amazing views!   I'm probably at this point going to start just posting photos until I get to the post for Bryce.  I have LOADS as every time the light changed the colors and beauty changed as well. 

My two complaints about the campground was the presence of too many ferel children cutting through people's campsites and too many parents that even though they might be with their kid (say on bikes) were letting their children pester other campers.  I am NOT a fan.  My dogs were better behaved than well than at least 3 of the kids camping there.  That said, there were also a few brave families there with their children that were absolute joys to behold.  Well behaved, helping their parents, etc.   Okay, so a pet peeve of mine is that campgrounds of any sorts put loads of restrictions on people with pets, but nothing for those with kids....just sayin!   The other was that they took the time to make lovely paved sites, but they were extremely unlevel.  I was up on 4 blocks on one side of my skinny trailer to get even close.   

Okay on to the photos, these are either from the campground proper or from our hike that first day.

I love these guys and we were really glad it wasn't summer hot when we did this hike.  The one in the lead with Teddy is my Mom - turned 80 while we were there!  Very proud of her!

It was so interesting how this stuff looks like it would be wet mud but it isn't (it probably is during the rains) it is solid sandstone.

Many more to come!  




Far Side(non-registered)
Oh it is beautiful there! Happy Birthday belated to your Mom!! Looks like she is doing great! I thought that was your brother too...I hope you had a great time! :)
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