Baby It Has Been Cold

January 05, 2018  •  1 Comment

...and may still be cold where you are.  Heck we got to 20F today and thought it was the tropics!   I can testify that I have about oh a week or 2 of wood left in my wood stack as we've been burning pretty much full time for about a month (which tells you it has not been anywhere near 30 in that time).  Still I am dreaming of Spring and have been planning my vacation to help get me through.   Even forgot that I had some snippets of Summer stashed away in my flower press.

Ahhh they made me feel a bit better.   We've also had a few bits of sunshine here and there but we have a nasty ongoing inversion in the valley so we don't see it often enough!

Louie does prefer the warmth of the stove and Elliott (above) is by the stove MOST of the time.  Old bones like that kind of warmth on these frigid days.

Epic the snow dog though LOVES the snow and I really REALLY need to get my body moving so we've been out a couple of times.  One day just to play fetch in the yard with a toy in between loads of wood (I haul mine from the carport up to the front deck).

Yeah being covered in snow is just part of the deal so there is a towel sitting next to the door so I can brush him off at least somewhat before he goes in the house.  Then he just melts and leaves spots of water - let's call it "raising the humidity in our dry house".

We did start walking though - just a short bit down our road as much as we can and instead of a toy I sacrifice a piece of kindling so when he loses it in the snow we can find it back.   

So happy to have a walking buddy and honestly he does just make me laugh.   It has been interesting that we've had no wind so there is still snow sitting in the pines.  Of course that is also why we are stuck in an inversion - so it stays cold and the air quality sucks.

One last dog shot, Tinker still loving the new couch and getting better about letting me sneak a photo.


I'm visiting you from Linda's blog and will come again. I read each post down to this one. Your photos are wonderful! I'm wondering where you're located? Perhaps you say on your main web page. I live in a snowy world, too, in Breckenridge, CO.
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