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Frisbees, Frost and Sunbeams

January 16, 2018  •  1 Comment

This boy (Epic) makes me laugh almost every day.   Yesterday it was fairly warm out and he had located one of his missing rubber balls in the car when we ran errands.  After snarfing down dinner he went up back and spent 45 minutes playing with it, letting it roll into footprints and then digging it out.  Meanwhile we take every chance we can to get in at least some play out in the snow.  This was from a few days ago -- pure joy and he just doesn't seem to get cold (much less wear out)!

This morning we had freezing fog and I was so very happy I didn't have to drive into the office.  I did however have to spend the entire day on a conference call and during the brief potty breaks got out with the big camera to take a few photos.

This was as the sun came up over the fog bank (which sat in the valley all day).

Here I was trying to capture the frosty needles backlit, I was excited to see I did get the frost floating off of them.

Snow dunes in the front yard.  Sometimes you need to look closer at the simple things.

This is what it looked like past my road all day.

As the sun rose looking east to the neighbor's place.

As I mentioned I was on a conference call most of the day and once the sun came around the south I opened up the front door and let the rays come in.  It was quickly noticed by my pups and I sat in my office chair and took advantage of the sunbeam portrait opportunity.  I just love my days working from home and spending time with these "co-workers".  Love em to death.


Far Side(non-registered)
Best lookin co workers I have seen in a long time:) Lovely photos!
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