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January Centered

January 13, 2018  •  2 Comments

I will say I am not disappointed that January is 1/2 over.   It really is kind of a blah month in my mind and I've always figured if winter is tough, once I hit Valentine's Day, it is all downhill.  Not that we won't have more "winter" but there is an end in sight.   January just seems to be ALL winter and while I do enjoy the snow and cold, by the end of this month I'll be rather "over it" if you get what I mean.   So in my quest to keep my hands out of the cookie jar and the comfort food (I gotta get this weight off that has piled on) I've been feeding my creative with some crochet and Zentangle work.   

I also am trying to be better about getting outside to walk (and get on the treadmill) with the dogs.  Sterling isn't a big fan of walking but I've decided honestly he needs to get out too so I bootied up both boys and got my trackers on my shoes and we made it out on Friday after the latest storm blew through.  You can tell from some of the pics that Sterling really does still figure his baby brother is a nutcase but Epic is all about the fun of it which makes me smile.   Sterling had a bit harder time of it with his long legs and the slip sliding of the booties but he made it back in one piece and slept the rest of the day away pretty much.    Since he has therapy dog duties on Sunday he will be restricted after a batch and grooming, from anything outdoors until after that visit.



Far Side(non-registered)
I enjoyed seeing your tangles, I need to do more of them. Fun photos of the big boys:)
Just beautiful photos of the snow and dogs. I feel for Sterling. I'm sure he'd be happier curled up in front of the fire, which is where I would be if I lived in that climate. Well done for braving the elements.
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