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Macro Madness

February 17, 2018  •  2 Comments

So in addition to no less than 4 dog training classes (online) I am taking - well okay, I'm saving 3 of them and actively working on one, I signed up on a whim for an online macro photography class as well.  That I just finished and honestly, how else should I be getting through these dreary winter days (not much sunshine recently) when it is too cold, windy, snowing, raining and just plain miserable (not to mention dark early) to do anything fun.    The class was very inspirational and afterwards I decided to go find some things to try to photograph indoors.  Luckily I hadn't thrown our my little light box studio I had purchased years ago to photograph collars and leashes that I was making.

Off I went to purchase new LED bulbs for the lights (the halogen just got so freaking hot they honestly were a fire danger) and set it up in the family room on a folding table.   So here are some of the results starting with my first subjects the first evening to the last.   I need more practice and I still am HATING the ball head on my tripod (the adjuster for the tilt is difficult to deal with so I need to do some research to see if I can remedy that) and I am using extender tubes with my 70-300 lens but I'm pretty pleased with the results.   I also am getting comfy with Live View on my camera - burns up the battery quick but for this inside work is extremely helpful.    My biggest hurdle is manual focus as auto just doesn't cut it when you have a specific part of a macro piece to focus on.   Even with my glasses on and live view the focus just isn't as crisp as I want.   It is also great fun experimenting with lighting and with different color backgrounds as well as assorted depth of field options.  

Anyway, here are my first round and hope you see something you like or are also inspired to try it out.  Again, great for poopy winter days!   May have to go out and see about some real LIVE flowers to attempt as most of what I did is dry dead stuff from my garden.  Although I will say it does give me a new appreciation for some of those things.

Oh ohhhh I forgot I will FIRST put up some pre-class rose photos I did - the pinecone starts the stuff from after class.



You learnt well. Love these shots. The light and the plain background makes the plants look great
.Clever focus too.
Far Side(non-registered)
What great macro work! I liked your houseplant!! And the pinecone...you have been having fun! :) I need to set up an area upstairs for a photo booth and have some fun too:)
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