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Never Ending Winter

February 16, 2018  •  3 Comments

So my bird feeders are still very busy, except I noticed on some days.  Those I have discovered, only by a brief glimpse, that there is a small bird of prey hanging around.   Now I know I had a shrike here years ago taking out some of the small birds but this bird has been so quick that I've not even caught enough of a glimpse to figure out what it is!    

However I did actually have one morning last weekend where the sun came around and I caught a few photos of my feeder friends.   This winter the regulars have included house finches, red polls, downy woodpeckers (both the boy and girl), hairy woodpeckers (both the boy and girl), a family of red breasted nuthatches, pygmy nuthatches (although they don't seem to show up often which is likely due to....), and white breasted nuthatches (which seem to chase off all the other nuthatches.

Now the crossbills have also returned and boy are they hungry!   Besides they are just so goofy looking that they are fun to watch.


Far Side(non-registered)
We had a Hawk in a tree one day...they are fast...and the feathers flew so I suppose he got a meal. That Crossbill made me smile we do not see them here:)
WOW, I've never seen a cross bill before, you're right, they are very odd looking. Mother Nature looks like she ran out of the correct sized beaks by the time they came around! Thanks for showing them to us!
Brian King Images(non-registered)
Gorgeous photos! I'll be interested to find out if you ever ID your bird of prey.
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