Out Like a Lion

March 27, 2018  •  6 Comments

So apparently the old saying March comes in like a lion will go out like a lamb is FALSE!   We had horrible weather for the start of March (or rather the "never ending winter") and apparently we are expecting it to end with same.   Frankly it sucks!   I scheduled road trips starting in April and now they are saying I might have to miss the first one.  What?   Oh well, can't control Mother Nature and she definitely is keeping us on our toes this spring (or never- ending winter into summer?).

However....I did find a few brave souls in my garden this past week.

No purple ones yet but I am sure they are not far behind.  Meanwhile they will just have to push through the leaf litter that is staying on for at least a few more weeks.

The snow is gone for now off the front yard so Epic and I are trying to get in some practice.  Am planning on entering him in our first shows of the season the end of May and since we were housebound without anyplace to practice all winter, time is getting short.  He did great first day out but has since then gotten somewhat "creative" in some of his exercises and apparently is having brain farts on some of the others.   We'll get  there.   This is still pretty much what they spend their time doing otherwise.....

I also haven't  shared a few of the shots I took on a dog food run to Dearborn back the first part of March.  Horrible roads but we needed the food and my friend met us part way to deliver it (thanks Joanie).  While there I wanted to drive down towards the fishing access and let the poodles out to potty but not before  almost getting the truck stuck.  I am surprised Robin will ever ride with me!  

So not a whole lot of exciting going on here yet.  April will start a string of very busy months for us as it always does.   Two to three dog classes each week in April, vacation planned in May, obedience competition the end of May and another trip either east or west (yup not sure yet) in June before my Mom arrives.    After feeling like I had massive cabin  fever for the past 6 months I am looking forward to busy.

Work still motors along.  Still no movement on a new position but hope everyone will stay hopeful with me!    I was offered a position in the department I am in this past week but I declined.  It was a HORRIBLE fit for me and me for the position.   I have my sights set on a position on the business side in analytics, will just need to hold on till the right one comes  along.

I am planning to get back to blogging again.   I am finding that I miss writing to you all and sharing my photos here and now that I have a new laptop I think it will be easier for me to tow  the line and keep up with my writing.  I am finding while Facebook is convenient, no one is really interested (as is indicated by even clicking a like) in reading snippets unless there are photos.  I also find that I am so lazy and it is so easy to click an icon and never actually SAY anything.   I am guilty as are those that were clicking my posts.   I want a more meaningful exchange and hope that some of my blog readers come back to us here and some of my FB friends find us  here.    This also means I will take the time each week to catch up on  my friends blogs as well.   I've missed those!

So on to spring, new adventures and new writings!




tee hee...."creative" in some of his exercises.....Sorry, I can just see his eyes when he decides to change things up a bit! I know it's frustrating but I enjoy a dog with a sense of humor.
Brian King Images(non-registered)
Beautiful detail in the flower photos! Very nice! As much as I'm tired of the snow, it does make for great landscapes.
Your crocus are braving the elements. It's still winter here at high altitude. I've just deactivated my Facebook account. I couldn't see the point anymore... Your photos are wonderful. I love the expressions on the dogs' faces!
Far Side(non-registered)
I am always happy to see a post from you! Your Crocus are lovely...so spring is missing you too...we are supposed to get colder now...colder...yikes...what is happening! I go to facebook in the am and pm to see if my grands are up to anything...I think they do instagram...and I don't do that:)
You have continual winter while we have continual summer. WE are looking forward to a cool change just as you are hoping for Spring. The brave flowers are pretty. Glad to hear you are motivated to blog again. I too have been slack but now I have a reason to show photos of our trip to Singapore. I hope Epic does well this season.
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