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Smore (no not that kind)

March 01, 2018  •  2 Comments

We are still frozen solid here but it is slowly showing signs of spring - at least indoors.  My spring cactus has set out to blooming like mad so I took the opportunity to do some more macro work.   The flocks of small birds have been missing the last few days.  Not sure why but I am still enjoying the nuthatches and the few chickadees that are showing up.  I am sure they are happy to not have to fight for food.   The first couple photos are snow shots of the tracks and things to read in the snow banks.   What do you read i them?




Far Side(non-registered)
A little bird moved that weed back and forth:)
What a gorgeous cactus. Mine is blooming too, but it's white (same as what I'm seeing outdoors)!
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