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Some Sun Some Wind

March 29, 2018  •  3 Comments

...but there is more winter on the way.  Kind of a typical Easter weekend though.

We have had some sunny days but most of those the wind has been blowing upwards of 20 mph so not pleasant.   My wind tolerance is less and less as time goes on.   Today, however, by the time I got off work the  wind was more a breeze and coming from the back of the house.  There was sunshine and it was warm enough we got out for the first time this year for a sit down out on the front deck.

This is what naked dogs dream of all winter long.

The poodles weren't too upset about getting to be out front without sitting in snowbanks either.

Teddy can take the heat only so long and the sun is still pretty low to the south so there wasn't any shade on the deck, so he shared the swing with me.

Can I just say....IT WAS GLORIOUS!    We are all craving some natural vitamin D right now and it was a gray winter on top of it being never ending.  I'd love to report that I actually got some yard stuff accomplished but other than hauling the trash can back up to the house and raking up some of the bird food and droppings that caked the grass in front of the deck....Nada.     

More and more of these are poking their heads up though!

Still not going to move the cover.  Yes one of my other early bulbs up by the house is also poked up but at its own risk!

Things feel a bit calmer this week than it has been in a while.   Doggie Auntie Adele came over and did massages early this week and my pups were thrilled.  I did have to laugh at wild hair (he rolled around on the couch).

Seriously, how can you NOT laugh at that?    

Looking forward to the weekend and will be spending a couple hours this evening listening to a Fenzi seminar  on, you guessed it, dog stuff.  Am looking forward to that, my second online webinar with that organization and am kind of liking them.  Not as much commitment as doing full classes.  The weekend has booked up full and I need to find time to get my new blinds up in my bedroom and get some cleaning  done in there as well.   Always lots to do around here this time of year for sure.   Better get inside done before the outside stuff kicks in!




Glad you had some sun and outside time. I don't think I could bear that sort of winter. I'm glad I don't have those type of jobs to do any more now that we are in a village. Just have to keep the unit clean and a little bit of garden.
Gunilla Bäck(non-registered)
Wonderful! We had a few sunny days too and now we're getting more snow again. :-)
love the hair! Our humidity levels are so very low that my pony tail looks like that all the time! Lewis crackles when he turns over on the couch and if his hair wasn't so curly it would stand on end also.
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