Not Slowing Down

April 20, 2018  •  1 Comment

Another week flies by!  Holy cowabunga people!   

The weather is still "unstable" but we have managed now 2 afternoons where we have been able to get out on the front deck and boy oh boy do I have happy dogs!   Sunshine, warmth and I even broke  out the pads for the back "dog lounge" yesterday.   Have to bring them in at night since the temps are still below freezing at night.  We don't care - we will take these 60s!  I also got the leaves blown off the front garden and I see there are daffies, tulips and the allium that are all poked up.    

I am still practicing my mountain dulcimer and have acquired another instrument as well as I am having so much fun getting back to playing music.  My piano just never sucked me in like these are!   I get at least a few minutes practice in every day and it helps my stress levels a ton.   It even seems to relax the dogs which is just a bonus.

Tomorrow Sterling and I are off the therapy and Sunday is the last tricks class for Teddy.   We are 1/2 way through obedience with Epic who still is struggling with off leash heeling.   If I enter the Missoula shows the end of May it will just be one day.   Just to see where he is.   Meanwhile we are able to get out in the front yard and do some retrieves, recalls and signals.   He has the basics but is confusing some of them so *I* am working  through that to make it more clear what I am asking.

Today I had enough of the nonsense  at work and signed off at noon.  WOW - I got a ton of things done outside but now am finding the longer I sit here the more stiff I get.   Got the garage swept and finally have the outside Christmas stuff put up in the rafters.   Took the opportunity to also just straighten up some things and also get some things tossed out.    There definitely is a dump run in the future - have boxes to recycle and some more things to just get rid of.   Also got the trailer uncovered - YAY - and cleaned up in the carport so I could set up my new arrangement for travel dog pens with my new gates and determine just how much and what I need to take.   Going to let  it sit for a bit and see how it feels.

So just busy busy and work is nut but oh well, vacation is coming and I just need to try to suck it up for a bit longer.    I think now I'll just go lay down!  heehee


Far Side(non-registered)
That is a good arrangement with your gates! It should work nicely! Glad you have spring! We just got decent temperatures this week:)
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