April 06, 2018  •  3 Comments

Not much to report from snow-land except that we have MORE SNOW!   Mother Nature messed with us and gave us a couple of 50 degree days just to throw down the gauntlet and put us in another winter storm.  Boooo!


The small birds are inhaling the seed in the feeders, since well, they cannot get to much else.  Okay the crossbills "could" be off eating pine nuts but apparently that is too much work.   I have seen the bluebirds around and feel sorry for them since they are bug eaters not seed eaters.   Have NOT however seen a meadowlark (the REAL tell tale of Spring).    The snow geese are setting down only for a short while as most of the lake is still frozen and I see them mostly in the fields with the Canadians and a few swans here and there.   Looks like it is going to be straight winter into summer at this point.


My work is super busy right now and I guess that is okay, still no word on new job option but trying my best to stay hopeful.  The stress is pretty intense again so am doing what I can to de-stress in my off hours and shut off the brain during those times.  Tough when cannot get outside but doing my best.

Teddy and I started a class on Sunday's this month working on tricks.  He is 13 so we are trying to keep it light and fun and he cannot last the whole hour but still seems to really enjoy it and gets so excited.   Great thinking stuff for him and all will help keep him in shape.   Epic and I were to start obedience on Tuesday but I ended up sick so we officially will start next week.    Right now his recall (and his drop on recall) is sucking the worst and of course my throwing the dumb bell in the right way over the jump but we are working on it!   I think we will still enter the shows the end of May regardless, if nothing else to get me away from work and hook up with all my dog peeps!  :)

So onward we go, sorry for the lack of much interesting but sadly - this is all I got!  







Sounds like the winter blues. Fingers crossed for your hopeful job.
Far Side(non-registered)
It is the never ending winter, I understand! Give me anything but snow:) Hang in there, lots of us are in the same snowy boat:)
Brian King Images(non-registered)
Love the Crossbill! I've never seen one. We're supposed to get snow overnight. Sigh.
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