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Ruby Beach

May 23, 2018  •  2 Comments

After a lovely day off on day 3 and a wonderful visit from a friend I took off on Tuesday without much of a plan except to head north.   I was gray and drizzling (surprise) but not enough to stop me.   By the time I got going I decided that I really should make the effort to get up to Cape Flattery but first a stop at a couple of beaches.

First was our  favorite beach  10 minutes from the campground where the poodles where THRILLED to go run and I was able to find whole amazing sand dollars.  A throw back to my childhood when  I would go with my family to the OR coast and we'd get up super early to go look for them.  I've not seen them on the OR coast in many years (my OR friend said that the building of the jetty changed that).   I did bring home a few as well.

The next stop and potty break for the littles was Ruby Beach where you walk down a short trail to the beach and the stacks.   It was really cool but Teddy wasn't keen on trying to climb  over all the driftwood to get to the beach area (me either) and we needed to press on to the Cape.

I don't think this just "washed up".



Far Side(non-registered)
I have not been to this Oregon beach, looks like a great place to spend the day! :)
I love those foggy Oregon beaches, especially with poodles racing and playing on them!
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