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A Tracking Weekend

June 16, 2018  •  1 Comment

Our most recent camping trip was a few hours from home.  I had volunteered to help many of my dog friends that put on a Dog Tracking Test every June.  A big job and the more help the better.   One of the club members went up early to make sure that those of us camping would have places to park at one of the fishing access campgrounds by the tracking areas we use.  FABULOUS picks she made and this was the view from my trailer.....at least Friday and Saturday it was, Sunday, it rained, snow pelleted, was cold and windy and gray most of the day.   

There are two small lakes right nearby and the river is also right nearby.  You can see the river up towards the top of the picture above if you look closely.   There are also mosquitoes the size  of trucks!   So here was the choice, nice  weather Saturday to plot tracks (very time consuming but interesting) and many mosquito bites (which didn't bother me till I got home as I was having to overdose on allergy medicine to keep my asthma at bay - bonus no itching.  OR cold rainy windy Sunday for the test and actually laying the tracks and cross tracks.  Actually we lucked out and the really CRAPPY weather missed "most"  of the times people were out putting in track or taking their tests.

The wildflowers up on the mountain (where we put in the TDX tracks) were fabulous and of course Saturday when it was calm and I had tons of great chances to take close ups - I forgot the cameras in the trailer, Sunday I took them and it was nothing but wind so these are from Sunday with no closeups because the wind was blowing  everything too much.

One last shot, this was one of the lakes as you pull into camp - fed  by the river.

It was a fun weekend with great people to work with and camp with and catch up with.  Some I  see maybe once ayear if I am lucky.   Other than  the tail end crappy weather (it rained all Saturday night but who cared we were snug in the trailer) where I was loading up pens in pelting snow pellets and 30 mph winds it was a nice weekend as well.  My first dry camping in the trailer and was happy that even  though I had to run a fan Friday afternoon  and Saturday afternoon, then run the furnace both  nights  (it was down in the 30s) I still didn't have to break out the generator to charge  the battery.  We came home with it still 1/2 charged (was very careful with usage) and we didn't even use 1/2 of a propane tank of LPG which included the furnace, running the fridge full time and yup the water heater.  I cannot tell you how nice that hot shower was after being on the mountain 1/2 the day in the hot sun and skeeters.    The drive over was great and home - well except for 30 miles of nasty 40 mph cross winds was okay with the tail wind (glad I was going east not west).   Dogs were all glad to get home and have space to run though!  I am happy to be home now for some time to catch up with all the chores and a goal of getting EVERYthing out of the trailer and washed/cleaned.  I am a happy camper but also a happy home body.


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Sounds like a fun weekend minus the cold and the skeeters:)
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