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Blooming Smiles

June 13, 2018  •  2 Comments

My flowers do make me smile and I have some firsts this year from things that I've had for 2-3 years.   The weeds - well not so much.    This first is a grape iris that I got from a friend 3 years ago.  I was worried when all the other iris she gave me bloomed year one and she remembered hers also took about 3 years.   Well ta-da!   And guess what?  It DOES smell like grape!  It also has these lovely varigated striped leaves.

This was one of only 2 of my tulips that ever bloom, the rest I am going to dig up and toss.

My allium are doing well and actually increased this year.  I just think they are so architecturally cool.

Another first this year is that my pink pussytoes are blooming on the back slope along the steps in the rocks.  They are in the same area as my sedum which is also doing well.  The pussytoes are found in the wild as well and I "think" I may have some white ones growing wild up back that I saw when I mowed (and probably mowed them off).

Both of my lilac bushes (they are actually minature versions) are also showing REAL flowers this year and that thrills me.

Last in the first timers is a purple and white columbine that we put in 2 years ago.  All my columbine (which are freaking taking over the front garden) are the pink/yellow variety so I was happy to see this one for some new color.

Of course I have my standby purple iris which bloom like mad and quit just as quickly.  They did give me an opportunity to practice some of my flower macro work that I took the online course for this winter.  I did the one in b/w just because it was really similar to the first one (different f-stop though).


Brian King Images(non-registered)
These are gorgeous! Love the third photo!
Far Side(non-registered)
Such lovely flowers! :)
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