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Gone to the Birds

June 06, 2018  •  1 Comment

Now that you are caught up on our vacation gloom photos here are some birds from a kayak morning I did a few weekends ago.   I was surprised to come across coots so close to shore and honestly we don't usually have many stay out here so I was glad to have decent light to get this one (of 4 that were there).

You know me and ducks - little freaks they are.  This lady's man was not as easy to capture but I loved her pose and that this turned out at least somewhat clear before they took off.

This baldy flew over me a couple times before I got out farther in the lake.  We always have at least one that hangs around along with the osprey and the red tail hawk that is over on the other side of the reservoir (need to get over there and see if they are nesting there again).   I was somewhat surprised to see this beauty over on heron island - although maybe not, there are lots of fish up towards the top of the water right now and I wonder if they also hang out looking for baby anythings that are hatching.   Note the amount of bugs hanging around it....

Just one heron picture, they are hard to see right now as most are tight on their nests and the trees have leafed out.  I saw one nest with active babies and am guessing the others are still on eggs.


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Great bird photos! :)
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