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Kayak Scenes and of course More Birds

June 08, 2018  •  1 Comment

My lovely kayak buddy was able to go along (it has warmed up) and although it was a bit choppy when we put in by the time the sun came up the lake turned to glass and there was hardly anyone around.    So off we went to take pictures and just relax (as you can tell Teddy did just that).   The best part of the morning was waiting (and waiting and waiting) for the fisherman that was putting his boat in to get himself out of the way so I could get my kayak out.  OH MY GAWD....these guys are the most unorganized group ever, anyway up drove a friend of mine to headed out for her walk.  She always wants to go paddle with us so we put her in the boat and went out for a second spin!  It was truly destiny.   

Also saw the most fabulous dive of an osprey going for a fish.   Of course I didn't have the camera and of course she was like 50 feet off the boat launch.   It was amazing and no she was not successful (a tough job for sure) but WOW, then to see the struggle for that bird to get out of the water and the cool little "shiver" she did once up in the sky.   The other thing I noticed is she was hanging out wherever the pelican was that had been there, as the pelican went across the lake so did she.  Interesting.

There were 2 or 3 pair of geese with their cute little yellow babies.   Of course they get ugly quickly so I took advantage of the chance to get some photos.   Amazing how the parents blend into the shoreline though!

There were a lot of pelicans hanging about.  Lots of grooming going on and just hanging around fishing.   They look so crazy with their breeding horns on their bills for sure.  Another prehistoric ancestor, like the herons.  You really can see those remnants of the velociraptors can't you?   I was really happy with the close up shot (cropped from a full flight one).   Pelican babies are another thing I have not been able to find or see.   I need to do some research on where/how they have their young I guess.


How peaceful the water looks in front of your kayak.....

WoW! I've never seen a pelican with a breeding horn, or even knew they had such a thing! Thanks for showing us.
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