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The Rains and Gardens

June 22, 2018  •  1 Comment

Although we haven't made the national news there is a boatload of flooding going on in these parts.   Last week we had 5 straight days of rain and then thunderstorms.  The rivers were already at peak with the snow melt and May rains and people were trying to just get their feet back under them.   I have friends in the valley that have been pumping basements for over a month now and we have a number of small towns north of here that are completely under water.

None the less the gardens and the wildflowers are loving it.  I have a bumper crop of bitterroot up in the back acreage which was a big surprise to me.   In 25 years I've never seen that many so when the sun came out I started shooting some of the early bloomers.    My gardens are also loving it and weeding and thinning are in order as things are popping up where I have never seen them - including green ash trees everywhere.   

So enjoy the photos and a few of the puppy as she grows.   She is keeping us busy busy busy as she is busy busy busy and starting to sow her oats a bit with opinions, voices and experiments!


Far Side(non-registered)
Is the pink flower Bitterroot? It must be. Your Iris are stunning. LOL puppies are a joy:)
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