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Trip End

June 03, 2018  •  2 Comments

As with the horse headed to the barn, when I get ready to head home I want to GET HOME!   I was however glad I decided not to push  it to do in one day.  We had an 8 hour day headed across to Potholes State Park south of Moses Lake.   There was a lot of traffic on Highway 12 which made it even harder (all 2 lane) but I had figured out a new routine for our driving days, loading up early and on the road by 6:30 I waited to feed the dogs until we got back to a spot I had mentally marked on the way over by Mossyrock Dam.  Was perfect, got everyone fed and all pottied during our 1/2 hour break.   My dogs often have trouble deciding to poop when on leash and while we are in en route.    It was a pretty spot and big enough I could get entirely off the road with truck and trailer.

I headed up I82 from Yakima to Ellensburg and then over to Vantage on the Columbia River.  From there I detoured off track a bit to get to Potholes.   It has been a spot on my radar  for a few years in my treks back and forth to Oregon so wanted to see what it was about.  The last 14 miles while across some really cool orchard farms, had horribly sucky paved road.  Definitely tested my trailer packing!   The closer we got the more fragrant it became  as the cottonwoods  and the russian olive trees were all in bloom.  Guess what?   It totally set off my asthma during the night to boot.   It was miserable.   Now the park itself is nice but this was Saturday night and although I had what the ranger said was a lovely spot - it was, except for the constant foot traffic cutting through  my campsite.  It was like a freaking freeway - not good for a girl that has driven  8 hours, 30 minutes bounced around on crappy road and then suffering allergy and asthma!

It is cool that they have full hookup sites and I think if you can get one earlier in the season when it is more quiet and not the site I was in it would be okay.  Really this is a fairly large reservoir and I think all of Moses Lake moves out here on the weekends.  Kind of an oasis  in the farmlands.   Far enough out of the way I won't use that as a stopover again I don't think.   It  would be great if you wanted a group stopover with friends for more than just a night or two.


Far Side(non-registered)
Looks like a pretty well kept place too bad about the noise:(
beautiful spot, too bad people don't behave in a respectful manner in campgrounds. I always blame the parents when kids don't know the "rules" but I still don't hesitate to educate them! Crabby old lady!
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