Impromptu Pups

November 25, 2019  •  2 Comments

We had a nice day back about a month or so ago where the dogs and I were all out front enjoying the sunshine.   For some reason I got a bee in my bonnet and decided to try to do some group shots as I haven't taken any since the two pups arrived last year.   Not that the babies have ANY type of stay but hey, why not just go crazy! 

I started small....just poodles who I know can stay!  Do you think there is just a tad bit of "intense" in that black dude?   Okay so the light kinda sucked that direction but it was a start, camera and tripod would be required.

Then add in the two babies and see if there is ANY hope they will stay put.   Hoping the "stay-zen" from the poodles will work!

Then I tried one of the group against the fence which didn't turn out too bad.   Still I knew I could do better with light and yes I was doing this all by myself and yes, Louie looks like an ungroomed hippie boy.  L-R are Elliott (13), Louie (13), Sterling (9), Josie (1.5), Oliver (1.5), Teddy (14), Epic (6)

Turned em all loose and set up in better light - super happy with this except for the power box in the back but hey, at that point I was more worried about them all staying put not what was way back there.  I have learned for sure that you put those that will tolerate each other together and the stable stay ones in the middle.

Yes there may have been some threats and maybe some promises from their Mom.


I admire your patience . You sure have a big family to look after, Sterling is still my favourite.
You’re a magician!
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