Long Weekend, Craptastic Weather

November 30, 2019  •  1 Comment

Well we made it to MY long weekend (4 days off what a joy).   Of course, the weather turned horrible the Wednesday before the holiday and I as usual wasn't traveling and very glad of it!     

I took the time to get the tree up and decorated.  I didn't sit and crochet those 100 different snowflakes for nothing but I tell you, finding a garland that would mix with them was a trip.  I was unsuccessful with finding pastel colored lights so basically lights come on when it is too dark to see the colors anyway!   In an entire aisle of ribbon that could be used as garland - not ONE pastel type.  Bright colors and traditional colors yup, no go for mine.  So off to the sewing  department.   Figuring I'd go with the white tree skirt I had last year if I couldn't find  anything I liked, I was able to find a cheap velvet looking dark purple and another cheap lace to go over it in the yard goods.  As I was wandering while the material was being cut low and behold - YARN - the big chunky stuff in colors that matched snowflakes and on sale to boot.  So there is my garland.   The colors here aren't terribly accurate but you get the idea.

Then I had this brilliantly stupid idea to try to get the dogs in a holiday shot to possibly use on a Christmas card.  That was a nightmare and I've not resigned myself to cards of some other sort.   They hated it, I hated it and well - sometimes you just have to let it go.

With the turn in the weather I now have proof that my mice and voles are enjoying the tree decorated out on the deck from our crafting at Tizer Gardens.   No birds but I've not gotten my feeders out either.....I'm still fighting with the jays.   That's okay but I have found that my dogs  cannot go out front till the food garland is gone - Epic thought the popcorn was all for him!

Thanksgiving day was a wonderful quiet day spent with my friend and Tinker's Mom (and Tinker too) coming to us for a dinner.  Traditional fixings, a Netflix movie and just hanging out.  It was fun and I sent home a load of leftovers and then picked the turkey and am making stock.

So the weekend is pretty much going to be tucked in, going out for wood for the stove (so nice to have that) and we'll see if we can sneak in a walk at some point MAYbe).   I have plans to get the Christmas boxes that have to be mailed put together so they can get to the PO in the next week or so since we are short on mailing days this year. Hope you all had a great holiday, ate more than you should and are enjoying your weekend!



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Your tree is a beauty! That is lots of snowflakes!
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