Mish Mash and Catch Up

November 26, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

I thought I'd insert here a post of just some miscellany that really doesn't fit any specific item.   So here goes, some thisnthat.

Yeah aren't these two somethin else?  This was shortly after Josie got her last hair cut.

Even after splitting the big couch ino two sections, I still cannot find a place to sit!

Then there are the sun worshipers.   The sun right now, when we do see it is so low that it comes in my office window and boy the minute it  does, these guys find it!

I also recently did a bit of remodel in my office.  I love my adjustable sit/stand desk on rollers as I can move it anywhere but I was finding that it was really becoming a problem in my office room when I had to constantly move it if I needed in my cabinet or whatever.  So off came part of the original desk top and I slid it in that spot.  I can still raise it, sit or roll it out if I don't want it in that spot.   The old desktop was just allowing me to lay more crap everywhere so this is a win win.

The 'babies' got a couple new toys at the shows this fall.  Mini bones for them to work on.   This was their first try.

Some more this and that shots - of dogs of course!

Okay enough of the riff raff!




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