Tizer Winter Fun

November 27, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Our local botanical gardens (that you've seen before) had a great event that they do each year before Christmas.  It is Christmas for the Birds where you pay for a cool potted pine tree which they then provide all the fixins for decorating for the birds to eat.    It is billed as an event for families and honestly Robin and I were the only two there that didn't bring kids (we brought each other instead).   After you do your tree garland then you can go make a bird suet and have the chance to make some cool kid friendly crafted ornaments.   We had a lovely time, each have a tree outside for the critters, a pine cone suet in the fridge for the birds and snagged some lunch on the way home.  The weather was horrid out (big winds and cold  coming in) so perfect time to go do some holiday fun crafting.


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