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December 06, 2019  •  1 Comment

OMG it has been one of those weeks.  Super swamped busy at work to the point that I'm so freaking exhausted (mentally) when the  day is done that I can barely function.   I however, prevailed!

Made it to the chiropractor for both me and Teddy early in the week.   Those treatments are helping him so much that I'm now just taking him every time I go.   Pain free and healthy is my goal for him and he's had a fabulous couple days since then.   Then I got to have a lovely dinner with a long time friend who has moved away but gets down here on occasion.   Ate at a place I've never been but it made me so sick that I was up at 2 a.m. and all night feeling miserable.   Thank goodness by mid day I was better.

Honestly though, this is how most of my evenings go.  I brought the recliner back out as there are just times I want to rock, these two see that as their sign to plop.   Josie makes me chuckle as I swear she has Magic up in heaven telling her were to park.  He always laid in that spot.

I've had the wood stove going pretty consistently except when I need to pause it to clean it.   It is right at that temp outside though that if I keep it going I do have to open windows.   Nice and cozy at night though and I have discovered this year that my allergies are actually BETTER with it than with the furnace. 

I am proud to say though that even in my exhaustion I managed to pack and get the big box of Christmas gifts off to my Mom today.   It was 20+ pounds (don't ask about price).   Short time to get things in the mail this year though and I was thrilled again, to know about the small town post office I can get to just as quick as the local one and the girls there are SO helpful and pleasant.   I also have almost finished Christmas cards.  They arrived early in the week and since I don't have many to send (yeah I don't have a lot of friends) I got busy getting letters written for some and ready to go in the post tomorrow!   YAY ME!

So did you all shop Black Friday or Cyber Monday?   I don't normally and I admit, I did NOT shop in town but Cyber Monday did find me out shopping for a replacement oven.  My little toaster oven has been toasting badly for a while and the other day I tried to bake something in it and it wouldn't heat up.  Now remember I said, one thing out if one thing in - well I decided TWO things out for this.  The broken toaster oven AND the air fryer - replaced by the new Ninja Foodi oven that well, appears to do it all.  I make pizza in it tonight and that puppy preheated to 400F in like 3 minutes.   The big oven may never get used again - okay it will for anything TALL.  The air fryer on the right is the #2 going out (the broken oven was already in the trash).

Yeah that wasn't the ONLY thing I splurged on.  Merry Christmas to me I got this.  It is in short a fire pit.  Portable that I can use camping or here at home.  I suffer greatly from campfire smoke and this supposedly cuts that back considerably.   Guess we'll find out.   My brother travels with the inside of a top load washing machine for his fires but it too really smokes.  I'm hopeful cuz I love the heat of a campfire and the light, but I cannot do the smoke.

I'll let you all know if it works as advertised.  Not cheap but should last forever especially if it works.  Definitely is going to require me to get smaller wood split.

I didn't get nearly as much dulcimer practice in this week since I was so burned out in the thinking department but thought I'd share with you a "sound only" video from a few weeks ago when my friend that plays ukulele came and we did a very first attempt at putting the two instruments together on the fly.  We were so thrilled it came together.  Sorry you have to look at the wall.

Tonight I am just feeding the wood stove, sitting here writing and taking a very deep breath.  Work was a bear this week and I am looking forward to the weekend even with poodle baths and Sterling's therapy visit on Sunday.  I'm thinking I may have to do a Dirty Dozen donut run in the morning to get me sugared up to do baths and grooms though <wink>!

Have a good weekend everyone!  Below is the sunset I got to see on my way to my chiro appointment - taken down by the train depot.


Far Side(non-registered)
Not sure I would give up my air fryer! You will have to give us a report on your campfire thing...we cannot do smoke either.
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