One More Day - Say What?

December 01, 2019  •  1 Comment

It is Saturday evening and I just realized this long weekend off is almost over already.  It just cannot be possible!   NOOOOooooo I'm not ready to go back on Monday!  Oh well, live in the present Sherry!

I have to say, yesterday, Friday was a horrible weather day.  The wind blew, it snowed all day and the wind chill was below zero.   I was SO glad that I had gotten in enough wood that I didn't have to go outside in it and I can tell you that the little dogs were not interested in going outside to potty either.   We just didn't leave the house (or my jammies to be honest).  I did manage some laundry, doing the Thanksgiving dishes (hey, I wasn't going to do it while I had company here) and fed the fire. 

My Thanksgiving guest isn't a pumpkin eater and I have had this pumpkin pie  in the freezer for months.  Decided since it was cold - great time to fire up the oven.  Oh my lordie, it smelled so good in my house!

I've been feeling like I wanted to get back to doing some Zentangle so I decided to pull the pens and such out of the drawer and setup  a table and did a couple one offs and then back to putting together a mandala.  I honestly, am still fascinated by them.

This morning (Saturday) the wind had  finally died down and it actually was about 10F out!   Before I even fed the monsters and let them out of bed I knew I needed to get out and shovel in the back yard or they weren't going to have anywhere to go potty.  I also had the urge to get to town today, just to get out so that meant I also needed to plug in the truck (it is a 4wd day).  So sidewalks done, some potty paths created and the dog ramp cleaned off, out front to shovel the front walk (about 6" by the way) and we could start our day (yes I went out in my flannel jammies and snow boots!   Advantage to living in the country.

Still feeding the fire, had a lovely cup of coffee, watched some TV, got breakfast and well by 11 was about ready to get going.  Loaded up the poodles, warmed the truck up a bit and off we went.   I had a mission to find a better solution for my Zentagle stuff, the basket I was using wasn't set up for pens (they were falling all over) or my books.  My first stop was the dollar store, I ended up with some metal pencil holders as an option (and some Moon Pies) but wasn't finding the solution I wanted.     Next stop was TJMaxx to see if I could find some containers that would work AND I wanted to see if I could find my 2020 weekly planner (they didn't have any last time I was there).    I also wanted to see if I could find a gray throw blanket to use on the front seats of the pickup - since Epic finds it "necessary" to always hop up front and guard the truck when I'm gone.   I found my pen solution, found my planner, found a blanket AND jammies for Oliver, a new coffee mug on clearance (look how could I NOT have it?), and a book.   Also ended up with some new glass containers for on my counter for coffee "stuff".   Yeah I went a little nuts.   But....

One of the promises I made myself that when I'm bringing in something new, for the most part I get rid of at LEAST one other thing that goes "out".   So the new coffee mug was incentive to get into my cupboard and get rid of a bunch of the water bottles and coffee mugs I had around that were - too old, too small or missing lids - also got rid of a bunch of lids I couldn't match to anything.    Now though I realized that I should be using my wonderful Christmas dog mug that my friend Adele gave me!   YAY!

Isn't that freaking adorable?    Oh and the other thing I got today (in the mail) is my new yummy slippers!   My old slippers were pretty much toast and falling apart.   All of em!  So out with 2 pair of old ratty slippers and now I have my toasty feet in these.....yes, I love Etsy!

They are made out of old sweaters and felted with suede soles on them.   They make me very happy.   

Meanwhile, the sun came out for a bit today so even though the nekkids were here...

Teddy found the best spot....

Yes that is Oliver stuck in behind him.  My poor old dude is going to be 15 in March and we just make sure he stays comfortable, safe and happy.   Chiro at least twice a month, his Inflapotion and some CBD along with me nightly massaging him and a weekly dose of some light therapy (when I remember) seems to keep him motoring along.   He has spondylosis (where his spine is fusing together) which isn't a first for me so pretty much have the routines down.   

The other routine we are getting back into is the humidity control - especially with the fire going.  Pot on the wood stove, humidifier on the table and Oliver and I make sure to lotion up every night.   I absolutely adore the solid lotion bars my friend Nancy makes and sells.  I know there isn't anything allergenic in them and they work GREAT on Oliver - the only hairless that needs it right now.  Also love it on my hands.

The sunshine definitely made the day brighter and we are supposed to get warmer weather this week.  I am hoping that will allow me to get the wild bird feeders situated outside my office window for the winter.  Yup, little behind the ball on that one.

So to end the day, going to just relax, watch some videos (I'm really digging YouTube on my TV actually) and tuck in.   Here is some video of the sunset we got tonight on the snowy terrain.   About 25 seconds from oh 90 minutes.  Time lapse on my phone.


Linda W(non-registered)
Love the time lapse! Good to see you are back blogging again, I need to check back more frequently. My son moved to Townsend, MT in July and is the priest at the parish there. My hubby and I are going to visit him over Christmas. Take care!
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