Wild Whacky Week

December 22, 2019  •  1 Comment

In my attempt  get at least one post a week in I am sitting here with my cup of coffee on a windy Sunday morning hoping the sun actually does come out today (I really would like warm enough to groom poodles and Josie in the garage - we'll see).   No I don't have a rash in my hands but the camera picked up some weird reds.

So forgive some of the photo qualities, I'm back to the little camera that sometimes I get along with other times I don't and the phone as they are just easier to haul around for blogging - NOT that you aren't all worth better quality photos!

We started the week at home with Sterling going in for dental work.  I thought just cleaning but Dr. Cathy found a broken tooth that couldn't be saved and believe it  or not, a retained baby tooth!  He's almost 10!   He was slow to recover from the anesthesia but came home the same day although a bit wobbly.  Put him in his  favorite recliner and he is  doing much better now.

Teddy and I got our chiro adjustments after picking up Sterling.  Teddy looks a bit like this before

But looks like this after ...

... and he feels so much better.  As most of you know his spine is fusing together which  puts him out of alignment easily as his body tries to adjust.  He typically has his  neck out and ribs so in addition to nightly massage and working his lumbar region he gets weekly adjustments now and it makes SO MUCH difference.  You can easily tell when he "shakes" if he's stuck (he will have a hard time turning his head and it won't shake through to his  tail).    He still gets Inflapotion every day and I am happy to say still leaps a little every time food is on the agenda.  We just try to make sure he stays  out  of the "fray" of the other crazy dogs as much as possible.

I spent some of my evenings, where my poor brain was just fried, working through a couple of Zentangle  tutorials getting back to some relaxing drawing.   I do enjoy that.

While they are fun, I am just not feeling the love and kind of want to do something a bit different.  Enter Inky World and this lovely Scottish ink artist who has a book and tutorials.   You have seen her work most likely in adult coloring books like Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest to mention a few.   So I have her book coming but am practicing using  her online tutorials on drawing botanical type stuff.   Easy and fun.   Hopefully I'll have something to share at some point.

My craft juices are still flowing though as they do most winters when I have time to sit and do something creative.   I think I had like 2  trips to Hobby Lobby this week.  Oh and while there - TWICE I passed up this  canvas that was on sale.   The 3rd time, after not being able to get it out of my mind, I decided to buy it, because it makes me smile!  Sorry about the glare - but you get the idea.

That led to what some might call my "scrouge" moment  where the chaos in my house just was making me nuts so a week before Christmas, I took down the tree in an attempt to put furniture back and start some cleaning and re-ordering in my house.

Snowflakes are boxed up and I have to say, they don't take up much storage space!   Not that I'm totally out of the Christmas spirit.  I got a number of lovely cards and gifts this week  as well.  Not the least of which was this AMAZING turned wooden bowl from my friend in Oregon.   

I love nature - the highlighted veins are naturally occurring in the wood and well, I just am in love with it.  She told me she found the guy that makes them vending at a car show of all things and that she had a really hard  time picking which one to get.   This is the same friend I did the glass blowing class with a few years ago on the coast.

Let's see, oh yeah, Friday I took the day off since I am the one covering in our  group the next two weeks so will be working all but the actual holidays.  I got to have lunch with a friend who then went along with 2 of the dogs and myself (Sterling stayed home, still not 100%) over at the river.   The day was like 55F and sunny although really windy, but you cannot pass up days like this in December in Montana.    Lots  of monster pictures and some scenery.   Josie is getting braver and her trust better....

We wandered down to the very nicely groomed beach and  well, ruined it!  haha   We also found a swan family still hanging out on the river.  I was really surprised!   Luckily there was a stick handy, mind you it is hard to get it "end up" so one can pick it up in his mouth without a snoot full of sand!

Told ya it was a pretty day!   More monster photo ops were done....

That last one is of course, more typical.  Just like bratty kids!   Then we wandered down to the boat launch where there was just a little bit of snow that MUST be utilized!

Silly poodle but boy was he enjoying it!   Josie of course thought he'd lost his mind!   Another photo op as I really like the background it  provides, yes the wet spots are from poodle feet as he had to go wading first.

They were busy looking at Robin as she is ultimately way more interesting than the camera!  HA.  And then this happened, yes I had to call him back out.  December 20 in MONTANA and this dog  wants to go swimming.

Come on Mom throw the stick!  NOT.   Back up the hill and over to the truck we wandered just enjoying the day.

Both dogs knew we were going to the truck when we crested the hill (no pun intended) and while I could call Epic back (didn't need them running out to the road) Josie  isn't that predictable so she had to have a ride.


We drove down around the corner (literally) to the other campground to just get a few more steps in for the day and another few photo ops.  Robin decided that this log was just CALLING for another photo shoot.

Such a lovely afternoon  with dogs and friends!

Saturday was equally as warm and windy (that is the deal in Winter in Montana  - chinook winds are how we get our warm weather).    I however HAD  to get chores done and while it is warm AND windy laundry is top of the list, especially dog laundry and bedding as then it can be hung outside to dry.

Dishes, vacuuming and dog baths ensued!   No point bathing dogs to put them  back in dirty beds.   Got 3 of the hairy ones bathed, two combed out and today will be grooming them (as soon as I get this post done).   Dinner with another friend was on schedule and thankfully she likes to go early (retiree time - 4:30).   We had a lovely Mexican dinner and then decided to go tour some of the Christmas lights.   I remember that every Christmas Eve  we did that on our way to and from church, back in the day when Christmas Eve was when the Sunday School kids  had their nativity show.   I haven't done it in years and neither had my friend.  I did an attempt with phone to get some photos and video for you.  None of them do justice.  The first one got our vote for best display.  Those santas, snowmen and reindeer aren't the blowup ones either.   It was freaking AMAZING!

We liked the one above just because it was so "traditional"  looking on that lovely brick house and not over the top.  We did find some super cool new lighting - one was icicles that actually look like they are dripping with the lights in them.   May need to find some of those.   The other was the tree in this  video - it was at the place that had their HUGE display to music, but the tree that flashed different shapes was my favorite. Oh and you know those light scenes that they do on houses with a spotlight, we saw something like that which they put on their leaflless trees.  It was like stars in the trees - something I (the person that took her tree down a week before Christmas) thinks would be cool on the tree in the center of my driveway.  Hmmmmm....

So not sure how good the videos will be but here they are:

Off to get some breakfast and groom dogs!   Today's exciting events - haha.


I just found your blog this morning. What wonderful photos, and I look forward to seeing more of your dogs.
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