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August 07, 2019  •  1 Comment

This post truly is going to just be some shots of "stuff" and pups.    I'm so far behind on posting that well, I'll try to make some sense of these shots!

First the pups - Teddy at 14 is still hanging in there but slowing down substantially.  Sleeps a lot and we have to keep up his chiro and I do find him stopping and acting like he forgot where he was going.

Tinker and Linda came out to visit on the 4th of July!

Josie lays frog legged almost all the time.  She is like Sterling in that she likes something to lay ON.

This is how we camp - kinda funny!   

Our new toy.   I was so disappointed that the Missoula show bagged out of their FastCat/Lure Coursing that I decided I'd just go get my own machine so those of us in Western Montana could play.  GREAT exercise and yes, I set it up on the back 40 and the dogs LOVED it!

Some video for you of the "babies" playing out in the patio.

Then the same day my bank account choked because of vet bills to spay and neuter the two littles.....this happened.  I sadly said goodbye to my ever faithful and full of memories Tundra and upsized to an environmental killer.   I was finding that now that I've vacationed away much of the stuff that is close I will be venturing further afield with the trailer.  The 15 year old Tundra kinda failed in 2 areas - comfort, space and power (okay 3).  While it pulled the trailer just fine, you never ever were able to use the cruise control, which on top of the comfort level made driving long distances in a day pretty miserable, even with stops.   This also garnered me a ton more space front and back for the dogs and such.   It is getting running boards first (so I don't break my neck getting in and out of it) and when my bank account an I recover from the shock, I will get a topper on it like I had on the other truck.  Whole new ball game and yes, I also have to have the hitch and trailer adjusted.   Thanks again to friend Robin who ditched her hubby for a day to go truck shopping and ended up providing a boatload of morale support.  Thanks to my brother as well, for helping me navigate the truck markets.


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Good to see your pups! yeah for a new truck! Hope you like it!
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