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January 27, 2020  •  2 Comments

I will admit that last post took me way longer to do than I thought it would but now I know.  It was fun putting all that ancestry stuff in a more story form though!   Glad I did it when I did though as you might have noticed, didn't have any time to post anything else last week so here ya go, catch up!

That out of the way - wanted to share that THIS is what true friends bring you when they come over to visit "because they of course thought of you".   I'd almost bet that even if she didn't want to have french vanilla coffee she'd buy it and drink it anyway!  LOL

I finished a kit a few weekends ago and made myself a pair of these - seriously cheap and I'm kinda loving them!

Anyone but me remember the old Tandy stores?   I kinda miss them but so many arts and crafts have fallen out of favor with kids - video and phones are more the norm.   Oh the smell of leather!  They aren't fancy but they do the trick.

I took a couiple of days off last week to get away from the crazy at work and to be able to take on a visitor.   We were seeing if she'd be able to stay longer term and sadly that didn't happen, but she caused one heck of a lot of stress and chaos while she was here!


Josie was especially stressed by the visit but we are back to more of this now.

They all were excited though to get to see their Auntie on Monday night when she came for movie night.

We didn't really do movies but ended up surfing Youtube.  The Science Channel has their stuff out there and we found a channel call Stringdom.  Since she also plays ukulele we watch those videos on all these cool obscure stringed instruments.  It was really interesting.

I'm on to my next craft project, knitting a baby blanket for a coworker who is expecting.  I'm not a great knitter but it is all garter stitch so I work on it a few rows at a time till my arms get sore then put it down.  It will take me months to make I am sure!

The long weekend (and a visiting friend) also got me baking.  I saw this recipe on Cooks Country and it sounded pretty yummy and very interesting as the crust is made with saltines not graham crackers.  The North Carolina Pie is lemon and super easy!

Yeah and it's gone now!  haha   I also got Iago all cleaned and a new toy or two installed.

There was also some crested grooming - poor Teddy just cannot tolerate the combing to keep long hair so he was on my radar.  Then was so cold he is now wearing a sweater but mucho happier.

He looks pretty naked and certainly not "pretty" but at almost 15 he doesn't care.  Comfort is paramount.

Last but not least - rearranging and cleaning the dog room.  Also involved getting rid of some items in the back closet.   I was finding where the dog crates were at just wasn't working that well and I wanted the grooming table back by the window where the light is better.  Here are the before and after shots.   Yup I was busy but boy it felt good to get some chores ticked off!

The weather has stayed pretty warm which means it has also been really windy.  None the less I just decided that with the ground bare I really could use the time to get some agility practice in with Epic and Oliver.   We also have gotten some "Back 40" time.   Here's a couple minutes of video of that fun.   You can just click on it.  Yup, I'm finding this Zenfolio just isn't really good for videos so youtube it is.


Supposed to stay nice so I'm going to try to continue to get out with them.  THEY are in fabulous shape and doing well, Mom kinda sucks.  Too fat, too slow so needs work!  HA   Now I think since this is also finished I'll poor a bit of Bailey's and celebrate getting my taxes done as well!  Woot!


Far Side(non-registered)
Hey! Your dog room looks so good! I like it much better in the second photo and I bet you like the light for the grooming table. That Scottie dog was a a problem that is too bad it didn't work out.
Poor Teddy he looks cold:)
Susan Bank(non-registered)
Loved Epic's joyful energy! So....how was the pie? share the recipe? I have a lemon tree right next to me that is bursting with lemons and keeps calling my name....
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