Where'd the Week Go?

January 11, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

It was an incredibly busy week at work with everyone coming back after taking time off over the holidays.   I will say even those of us that didn't take time off were reeling by Friday and very glad to see the week over.   That said, it freaking FLEW by.

There is threats of horrible weather coming on Sunday and for a good part of next week so I took the opportunity Thursday to leave work a bit early (I'd worked 2 nights as it was) and head to town for provisions (groceries) and a stop for items to finish a craft project I made for a friend.

I had these two buttons that showed up in my sewing box when I was working on the trailer stuff a few weeks ago.  That is the one at the top and I wanted to use them for something so after spending a ton of time staring down the jewelry isle - thinking I was going to make a pin I found this leather key ring tag and the paw button and then added a crystal to well, cover up the button holes.   It looks better when not this close up!

I also came across this pin and how could I NOT have it!

I have a plan to embellish one of the window covers in the trailer with a variety of pins that I have.  We'll see if it turns out the way it is in my head (many of my projects do not).

We've been fairly decent here weather wise with even a few days of sunshine.   Teddy appreciates that!   I will say that I walked into Hobby Lobby on Thursday with sunshine and some wind and left in an all out blinding blizzard!   My stop at the grocery store was quick as I wanted to get home in case it decided to settle in.  It didn't thank goodness!

We haven't really had any fantastic sunsets lately but I captured this at sunRISE on Friday morning.  It was really cold out but clear and this was the view to the west (a reverse sunrise so to speak).

The wood pile is shrinking by leaps and bounds but it is so nice to have that option.   I will be fine I am sure for the winter but I see  us using a lot of it next week as it is supposed to be below zero for about 4 days (let's just hope they are wrong).  Still no snow though but it has been snowing around us which frankly is fine by me.  

Since the weather is to change Sunday, Saturday I ran to town with the poodles in the car and hopes that the wind wouldn't be TOO terrible to get a walk in on the way home.  We ended up at the same spot as last time, we just walked a different area of it.

Yup my view most of the time is just that shown above.  Butts and tails!   They were having such a good tiime and it was at least warm enough I wasn't in as big of a hurry.   I found SOME proof that not every single part of plantlife is brown here right now.

Still, the textures you see when everything is dull and brown is still interesting.

Sorry all phone photos so not all as cool as they could be but you get the idea.   

I am pretty sure that the poodles will be throwing up "stuff" for all the places they had their noses and were picking up things to snack on during their adventure.   Will just have to leave the dog door open tonight I think.    

Doesn't that shot just make you wonder what they are smelling?  It sure does me and frankly because this is all normally swampy land, it is pretty stinky.  That is why we can walk the area this time of year as the ground is frozen - as are the otherwise open water areas.

We actually made it out to one of those spots, can you tell Sterling wasn't quite sure what he'd gotten himself into out there on the ice - and don't worry, this stuff is like 6" deep and frozen solid.

I  was going to insert here the video I took but stupid Zenfolio wouldn't upload it so I'm going to share with you the youtube link (which will open in a new window so you can get back here).  I'm kinda done with video and Zenfolio.

SATURDAY SWAMP WALK VIDEO (click here to see)

We also did our civic duty...

...and Epic and I had a bit more discussion about minding the boundaries (and I see I missed a tuft of hair when I clipped his face).

It was a good walk when this is what I had within a couple hours of returning home - nice quiet napping poodles (you know Epic is tired if he is letting the monster child sit on him like this).

Sterling is resting up before a comb out and bath as he has therapy visits tomorrow!  Stay warm everyone (or to my Aussie friends, stay safe and cool and we are thinking of you all right now - sadly we know too well the horror of wildfires).


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