Bye Bye September

October 04, 2020  •  1 Comment

Actually what a MONTH (or is that what a YEAR?).    I can say I am not sad to see September gone.  With the exception of vacation, work has been horrid, stuff at home has sucked and I am starting now to feel the pressure to get things buttoned up for winter.  My tree out front is really dropping leaves and while it is warm I'm trying to get trees watered really well before it freezes.  Did my last lawn mow (except maybe for one more to pick up leaved) of the season this week.

It was a busy end to the truck has a mechanical issue (my brother my hero says it appears there was a short somewhere in the DEF system).  I'm learning more about diesels than ever, and wish I'd probably learned some of it in the past year.  Go figure.   Things like I have two batteries, the DEF system is a piece of &%# (even the dealer mechanic said, after it is out of warranty to get rid of that part if I can) emissions stuff, there are 2 fuel filters and oh duh, diesel doesn't "burn" like gas so I have no spark plugs.   Anyhoooo am now praying to the warranty gods that this is covered.

I did get my outside faucets fixed this week.  The plumber did great and I don't have THAT to worry about this winter.  I knew when I turned them on this spring they'd need to be fixed so check!   Bonus was that when he was in the crawl space he also got me back the sledge hammer and pry bar that had fallen in there when we replaced the kitchen floor!

No more work yet  on my crawl space door project, that is high on the agenda for this coming week but the digging and blocks are done.  Need to paint boards and get them installed.

Yesterday we got the trailer water system winterized.  Since the truck is dead, no point thinking I'll be camping any time  now.    Kent will help me cover it this week and then I'll need to empty out the stuff inside that comes in the house for winter.   Always kinda sad when I have to do that, like an official end to summer.  

We did a small fencing project as well.   I had a friend who had a bunch of the lovely 3' sections of aluminum fence (like I have out front.   We now have a prettier end to the yard where the bird netting covers.   Also blocked off and boxed in the poop bucket and for now the windmill (since a certain terrier likes to go fling all the wood chips out of it).

I also started learning how to fly a drone.  No it isn't a big goal but Kent had a cheapo one we'd played with a few years ago and he offered it up so I could see if I could even do it.  One nice thing - you don't think about work stuff when doing it as your focus has  to be on flying!   It does however totally piss off Oliver and in its first flight, he grabbed it mid air and ran off.    It flies a bit more crooked now and he still HATES IT!


Far Side(non-registered)
Drones arae fun...I really want one! Maybe next summer! Sounds like you are winding down for winter too:(
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