Fall Splendor

October 07, 2020  •  3 Comments

My last trip for the year with my brother was great fun (I am so going to miss him).  We took off to do a bit more campground recon and just see some Fall colors.   We got both done and were home in time to feed my hooligans (and he treated me to steak he BBQd for dinner as well).  Win Win.   This trip only included poodle 4 legs and Epic as you'll tell from the photos was THRILLED to get wet yet again.    Probably some of the last water he'll see this year as it frankly is getting colder by the day.

First stop was at York's Islands a small fishing access site on the Missouri River.  The University of Montana tells us:

"The islands were first named by the Corps of Discovery and noted in Clark’s drawn maps of the Missouri. The islands were named for Clark’s slave, York, who accompanied the Crops of Discovery. Although the name “Yorks 8 Islands” appears on Clark’s 1805 map, the name was not officially recognized for 195 years until the U.S. Board on Geographic Names approved “Yorks Islands” in 2000."

It is a lovely spot but only about 2 spots to put the trailers AND the place is crawling with cockleburs.  NOT conducive to poodle hair at all!

I am really starting to see the slow down with Sterling.  He's 10 1/2 now and although he never has been a huge fan of long walks or hikes, he does still like to "go".

Yhis made me laugh, brother had spied a frog (which Epic scared off before I got there) and Sterling looking at who knows what.  Opposites?

We rattled the Scion over the 15 miles of construction on the highway and down to Three Forks (named for the confluence of the 3 rivers that are the headwaters for the Missouri River - those rivers are the Gallatin, Jefferson and Madison).   There is also a small state park campground there.  VERY tiny but we did find a few spots that we'd like to try out.   We then drove up the road to the picnic area and had a little lunch!  "My boys" after lunch.

We took a quick trip over to the Lewis and Clark Caverns (not open right now thanks stupid covid) and checked out that campground as well.  It was "okay" but won't be on our list of places to stay simply because if we want to tour the caverns it is only a short drive from home down and back.   On the way home one last potty stop at the poodles favorite walking spot for a short potty and a few snapshots.

The photo below was a surprise how the colors worked out when I pulled it off the camera.   So even tho my composition isn't fabulous I had to share.


Far Side(non-registered)
Too bad your brother had to go home. I know I enjoy having my brothers around! You have some fine Fall color!
Diane Bohlen(non-registered)
Beautiful colours and photos. Love those poodles.
We dry-camped at Gipsy Lake one time, it was very pretty up there. Back then we fished and swam in the lake. It's not very big, and the mosquitos got really bad at dusk. From Hwy 284 on the back side of Canyon Ferry, take Duck Creek Rd east (Duck Creek Rd is south of Confederate Gulch Rd). . Gipsy Lake (yes that is the correct spelling) is just over the top of the mountains. There's just a few camp spots, but you might want to check that out. If you keep driving Duck Creek Rd it comes out near White Sulpher Springs.
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