Rough Week and Facebook is GONE

October 10, 2020  •  2 Comments

What a poopy week, even though the weather has been lovely and my wonderful brother has helped me knock off a number of projects, it still ended with a BOMB!

So let's review the GOOD stuff.

A friend of mine has moved and had fencing that she offered to me that is like what I have in my front yard.   I decided that would look mucho better than the expen and gate I had where the back bird netting ended (to keep dogs under the net).    It also has a much nicer wider gate so getting laundry to the clothesline is considerably easier as well.   

Then we took some of the extra panels and again, replaced my temporary (but working) fencing around the poop bucket and the windmill area as I have a couple of puppies that still think throwing the wood chips out is acceptable!

Still have a boatload of "fall cleaning up" to do out back and front but am taking a long weekend in a few weeks to hopefully wrap that all up.   Brother though also helped me get the tarp on the trailer for the winter as well.

The other project we've been working on was an "improved" (after 26 years) entrance to the crawl space.   It turned out really nice and is finished!  Yeah the horrible plywood is so warpy that I am using two stones to just hold the door in front tight.   Extra airspace and a cleaned out "hole" definitely will be better.

Work has been spectacularily AWFUL with stress so of course then more stress with life things.   My truck is in the shop with very expensive repairs needed and a friend is fighting brain cancer.   Then the inevitable that my brother is heading home in a few days as well, all which must make me stressed and sad (and I'm not good at that). 

I did also receive finally, the new crate I ordered months ago for the truck (which now doesn't really matter).  It is pretty gorgeous though.

Now for the last bit....yup, I am dumping Facebook.   After discovering a number of friends were systematically "restricted" from posting (my friends are NOT that controversial) under the new "terms and restrictions" I actually went and read the updates and when I did I was like "nope - I'm out" - I don't want to participate on a platform that, after all the privacy breaches and oh how everything posted there belongs to FB not to you, all now has decided to censor things my friends would post (yet you all know the trolls and groups out there that really ARE harmful) and what I can see from them I am going back to blogging and email/text with friends.  We'll see I guess how many friends figure out or care to get in touch when it isn't just the ability to scroll and hit a like button.  Oh well, probably good riddance in the end......if you are a friend that made it here but wants my email contact, put a comment below and I'll get it to you privately.

Now for a more relaxing end.....


Far Side(non-registered)
I scroll through facebook...some of the stuff on there will drive you nuts if you let it! Hang in there!
Beautiful sunset photo. Life is just all-around sucky this year, and no relief in sight. Stay sane my friend!
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