Shovel Break

October 25, 2020  •  4 Comments

Yup because as I said earlier this year - Mother Nature is just pissed off with us!    That little skiff we had last week - was nothing!   

I took a long weekend from work this weekend and even though the weatherman kept saying we were to get snow Wednesday, it came and went - nothing, then Thursday came and went - nothing.   Yeah it was just building up power apparently.   Luckily I got to town for a short shopping trip (yup got that Hobby Lobby wander around done) Friday early.   Friday late afternoon it started and it snowed and snowed and snowed.   By the time it let up Saturday the wind picked up and we had 2 feet of it.  ICK!   See the wind blowing it over the house?

Now normally that wouldn't bother me much, I had my wood in for the stove and I really didn't have to go anywhere but with my only vehicle being the very low to the ground Scion I knew I would be shoveling - a LOT!    Normally I'd just fire up the  truck and drive up and down the driveway and know I had it to get around.   Nope, still at the shop (yes I'll be calling them on Monday to see if they are getting on the repairs!).

Saturday I got out twice and shoveled - with "help" of  course!    Epic was beyond thrilled!  He loves this crap I'm telling you.    I have 3 actually that love to go out and help shovel - or rather make me stop and say "you guys are nuts".  I knew I really needed to at least get a path to the wood pile shoveled.

Needless to say there were puddles of snow all over the house when we went in!

Sunday dawned sunny but not warm.   I decided though I really needed to get started on the driveway.   No way the car would be able to get up and down it even if it melts some.   I am writing this during my coffee break!

I neighbor has plowed on the road which is lovely but that just means more for me to shovel out at the bottom.  Oh well, I'm off work yet tomorrow so will likely finish up then.   It's just going to get more heavy as it melts.   I will cancel my chiro for Monday I think but I have to be able to get to town on Wednesday.  

To think 2 weeks ago I was saying good bye to my brother after we spent almost every evening hanging out on the front  deck!  What a difference 2 weeks makes huh?!



Hey Sherry,
We miss you on FB but I completely understand why you left. I've been tempted many times. I hope all is well with you and your kids (2 and 4 legged and winged)

Your photos are gorgeous (as always)

Wags from the Alchmy Kids
Glad that you are doing OK with the snow, hoping you get your truck back sooner rather than later.
Far Side(non-registered)
Wow you got dumped on! WE got about 14 inches and it packed down to six and now we have a few bare sucks to get snow this early. You need a power shovel mine is a toro electric one ...I have a long cord! It is about 109 $
I want to walk around Hobby Lobby!! instead I had to order online least that is something and if you order enough the shipping is free.
Everyone looks like they were enjoying the snow!
I'm glad someone likes snow! Love to see the dogs' joy!

We're holed up in Amarillo tonight. Winter Storm warnings issued! We'll stay hunkered down here til it passes!

If you send me an email, I'll return it with the pie recipe! It's one of my "go to" recipes because it's so good and soooo easy!
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