Weird Few Weeks

October 22, 2020  •  5 Comments

But I will say generally things seem to finally be looking up compared to the previous weeks.   That said, I am excluding THIS!

Yeah it sucks and even more so the predictions for below 0F coming in the next few days.  BOOOOOO!   We normally have a cold snap and snow on Halloween but this is 2 weeks early!   What the heck.   Regardless the fire fighters will be glad to see it and well, we need the moisture.  I'm just not quite ready to hunker in yet although I sure have more than enough inside stuff to keep me occupied for a long long time!   I did this week get the rest of the agility equipment put away and tarps on the remainder of the patio furniture.  Not sure how the pergola roof will hold up but time will tell.  My only remaining prep is to get the battery out of the riding mower and brought inside.

Since the weather SUCKED last weekend I knocked off the dog grooming from the list.  They weren't thrilled but I can tell by how they are acting they feel a TON better.   They were just filthy!    Poodles now look like poodles, cresteds look like cresteds and well naked Oliver, looks the same clean or not.

Even in ordinary iphone photos they look better!  haha    

Good news on my truck although I think it'll probably be Thanksgiving before I get it back.   So this girl is hoping for little to no snow till that happens.  

Work is still a bit crazy but I'm taking a few extra days off (so I don't lose them) which I hope will help my attitude. 

I'm happy to report at least 2 of my old facebook friends have found me back and made contact.  Luv you guys! 

Oh and thanks for the comments on the sourdough post.  Lori, I've copied off the Turkish bread recipe and am going to try it as yup, my starter went bad so before starting more will give that a go.   First though I have a date set for a tapas potluck with a few of my friends on Halloween so I've got some recipes to work up for that.  Kinda excited and am taking a cue to step outside my comfort zone as one friend is a vegetarian so need to lean that way.   Will let ya'll know what I do and what turns out!  

Meanwhile my whole TWO Halloween decorations went up a few weeks back - you remember the skeleton and dog from last year?  Well I'm not ordering anything delivered by UPS till this goes down but I absolutely love the idea my brother had to get a kids UPS costume.  Next year I'm going to cut a hole in the pants and put the fabric in dog mouth.   My UPS guy is a bit "uptight" so am sure he won't see the humor but it makes me laugh.  It also makes me double take as I look out the window and keep thinking I see more than just a skeleton.   The little kids costume fit PERFECTLY!   Yes I'm a sick woman.

I really don't have anything else exciting to report.   Looking forward to a long weekend, have plans for some errands in town (the mouse traps have been depleted) and I'm feeling the need for a Hobby Lobby look around (and I need to get cord to fix one of my dining room shades).   I've dug out my music and my dulcimers and am starting AGAIN with my Mountain Dulcimer Field Guide in an attempt to learn to finger chord.   Haven't gotten on the hammered dulcimer to tune it up yet but it is up on its stand where it stares at me asking for exercise.    With company coming over next weekend I also have some house cleaning to do and Iago is totally on my list for a clean.  That will be around bringing in wood for the stove since it's gonna get cold enough to fire  it up.   

It's gonna be a LONG WINTER!




Lisa W,(non-registered)
Precious pups look great.
Just catching up with blog I keep forgetting.
Winter slammed into us too but I was, for a change, good with it because the rain and cold stopped the fires that were making me crazy.
I love our place but when you live in the forest and fire danger is HIGH.....
Take care dear friend
Our UPS driver would want to take a picture of your decoration. Heck, he would probably pretend to be dead on the ground, or something like that. Too bad yours doesn't have a sense of humor!
dogs look great!
Sue VO(non-registered)
YOU ARE SICK!! love it; your pups look great!
Far Side(non-registered)
I see you sent the snow to us...nice of you to share now please send sunshine and warm temps! Oh all the four leggers look great what a joy they are to you! Clean too! I do like your halloween decoration...our UPS driver would get a big kick out of it! Stay safe! :)
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